Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blonde is as Blonde Does

I should have stayed in bed today. I arrived at work and had a meeting first thing. They discussed rotating "late" days until after my surgery. I'm supposed to be the last to leave so I always tease that I need a babysitter for the last half hour our office is open. I always ask, "Who's babysitting me today?" So they kept talking about "Krista's surgery" as if I wasn't there, kinda. "When is Krista's surgery?" "When does she come back after her surgery?" "How long is Krista going to be gone after her surgery?" It sounded kind of weird to me so I announce, "Now, you know you have to call me Kristopher after my surgery, right?" By the way, I'm having surgery on my hand on Jan. 21st.

I discovered later in the day I forgot to put deodorant on. Thank goodness it's the middle of winter!

I kept pushing the on/off button to make the laminator go forward and it wouldn't work. I finally realized that I was pushing the heat button.

When I printed my flyer it came out in four pieces. I didn't know you had to choose the paper size in that program.

My stomach was feeling queasy this morning so I got a Diet Coke and accidentally burped in front of one of my co-workers. I could have rivaled my son.

I thought today was Wednesday until I was informed at about 3:00 that tomorrow is Friday.

Did I mention the deodorant thing?


Nancy said...

Oh well, at least you made cute kids! (Last post picture).

Sorry about the hand surgery. I'm sure people think, "Oh,, it's just hand surgery," but seriously, there is so often the need for about three or four hands as it is that I would probably go insane to have one out of commision for awhile!!! Good good luck!

Kari said...

I guess Kristopher sounds ok. I was thinking more like "Knuckles". Sounds "way Macho"! AND it goes along with the missing deo!
As for your blonde moments? Just "blame it on the rain".

Karen said...

I think we had the same day. UGH! You made me laugh. Oh...the burping is hilarious. How did the co-worker take it?

Krista said...

I just hopped out of bed to add that I thought it was Wed. all day! Makes me look forward to tomorrow!

Life With Dogs said...

I'd send you a beer if I could. Sorry about the day, but if these things run in streaks (as they say) you should be in the clear!

Krista said...


My co-worker just acted like my belch didn't happen. I excused myself, but that still didn't make her acknowledge that I just did a beauty! What a waste of gas!

Christina said...

What are you having done to your hand? Wow . . two surgeries in one year . . how do you rate? ;o) Seriously, sorry you have to have the surgery - hope all goes well!

Krista said...

Christina - My hysterectomy went so well I'm going back for more! I'm having a "Basal Thumb Arthroplasty" done. I thought I would go into detail later. I'm not looking forward to being left handed!