Saturday, January 24, 2009

Surgery Update

Did you know that narcotics cause constipation? Just a bit of trivial knowledge that my Royal B.W. (who is laid off now) told me.

My surgeon Dr. Adams, who is a cute old man from Texas, came in to my room and asked which hand. He then got a sterilized purple marker and drew marks on my hand. Then he asked me if I understood the procedure and asked if I had any questions. I said no. Then he said, "Well I gotta go read the book and learn how to do this." ha! He's the cutest little grandpa-looking guy. He still has a pretty thick accent considering he's been in practise for over 30 years here.

When they wheeled me into the OR (or OT for my friends in Oz) I reminded them I was having liposuction. The surgery went well but it's very painful. I didn't sleep the first night and called the Dr.'s office because the Percocet wasn't working. Now they tell me I can double the dose! But not to take more than 15mg or my heart will stop beating.

My work was so kind and sent me a pretty Azalea plant. My training secretary, Jan, called to check on me and Rebecca told me they missed me. Thanks! I love the gals I work with! I need to find some decent clothes that will fit over my "club." I may have to come to work in my pajamas, which I had to cut the sleeve of.

Sorry this is a boring post, but it's taken me half an hour to type with one hand! I've also had too much pain to blog. Thanks friends and Mom for your calls and visits!

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Nancy said...

It did occur to me, yesterday, that now was maybe not the time to write a post about the awful horrible misery of a few scratches and cuts on my hand :) So sorry for you! I really would be so sad to have no hand for awhile! Or a super painful hand, I guess, even worse.