Friday, May 13, 2011

Conversations With Ten Year Olds

Mimi called me at work today and the conversation was so good I had to put her on speaker phone so the other secretaries could enjoy it:

Mimi: You know how I was grounded this week?

Me: Yes.

Mimi: Well, I've been trying really hard to be a better person. Have you noticed I've been a better person this week?

Me: Yes.

Mimi: I've been trying really hard not to yell. I've only yelled about four times this whole week! I usually yell that much in a day!

Tonight as I picked her and Hannah up from the skating rink for a school skate night:

Mimi: It started off boring. It was boy's choice and that means the girls all have to stand in a line with their arms out like this (holding her arm out horizontally, waiting to be tagged). one picked me. When it was girl's choice I just skated around the circle - I didn't want to pick anyone.

I laughed thinking how different this conversation will be in a year or two.