Monday, October 13, 2008

Good-bye Lady of Leisure

When Mimi was going from kindergarten to first grade she thought she would be so much more grown up. She said, "Now that I'm going to be bigger, I'll have to be called Amelia instead of Mimi." Then with a tone of melancholy she said, "Good-bye Mimi self." Often we have to say good-bye to certain stages of our lives. Good-bye Dr. Phil. Good-bye Oprah. Good-bye social life. Good-bye Lady of Leisure (for the whole 3 1/2 months I held that title.)

I'm a working woman now. I was meant to have this job. I thought, "If I get a job, great. If I don't I'm going to take a course at DATC." I got a great job with awesome benefits, great hours and wonderful people to work with. I am a secretary/receptionist for PARC which is Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center. They train adults with disabilities to work in the workforce. This helps disabled adults to get off of social security or disability pay and also helps them to feel like they are contributing to society. I make about 5 cents per hour more than they do! Just kidding....kinda.

This is a big step out of my comfort zone. I've always felt a little uncomfortable around some disabled adults. I would even go as far as saying I was a little scared of them. After viewing some records, I still have a healthy fear for a reason, but I have become a lot more comfortable with others. This is good for me.

Home life has changed. Duties have become shifted. Meals have become quick. Tonight Mimi prayed to "bless the food that no harm shall fall upon us." Maybe the prayer should be a quick and painless death. Maybe I could choke on a piece of cheesecake and they can write, "She died doing what she loved the most." Okay.....maybe not. That is a topic for a whole new blog. You know I hate it when people say that. Death by cheesecake would be nice, though. There are worse ways to go. If I die by a freak house cleaning accident do not say I died doing what I loved the most. It would be a long, torturous death by all means.