Monday, June 22, 2009

Name That Tune Monday - Answer

It was House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. Thanks, James! Alex was our winner this week.

Name That Tune Monday 6-22-09

Our friend James sang this a while back. Name the title and artist of this song. The author is unknown and has been performed by serveral people so name the version of this song. G'luck!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Greetings Visitors

I'm so excited to see you if I could I would jump all over you! Thanks for the coveted Golden Hydrant Award. I will be sure to leave my scent marking on it and send it back! Since a lot of you will be from "Life With Dogs" and love our canine friends I will tell you about my little experience last night which has still left me traumatized!

Copper is new to our family (two weeks now) and we haven't owned a dog in our 20 years of marriage. If you click on that link you will see him and his new best friend, Mimi. No, Mimi is not a cat. She is a nine year old homosapien. If you don't know what a homosapien is, you might be surprised, because she is a very special breed.

Copper has a girlfriend. I knew from his previous owners that it was a pink volleyball. I chose to leave her behind and hoping Copper would forget her quickly and adapt to abstinence. He found a beautiful lime green volleyball to replace her. I don't know where this ball came from, so it must have been fate.

I was in my bedroom when my cell phone rang. I had to open my bedroom door to get it and as soon as my door was opened my eyes and mind were tainted forever. It was Copper and his girlfriend showing public displays of affection. The funny thing was the look on his face. He looked totally guilty. I said in my most disappointed/disgusted voice, "COPPER!" Off he came. "That ball needs to stay outside!" I really don't know how it made it's way inside. Catching Copper in the act is something I don't want to do again.

So this morning he left a gift on the carpet. I actually considered photographing it and posting it, but even Life With Dogs doesn't do that. It would be bad taste, I know. I don't know if this was just regression from adjusting to a new family or in protest of catching him in the act. Any advice for new dog owners on helping dogs find a new hobby? At least he hasn't resorted to legs! ;-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Name Your Tune Monday

I apologize, but this week I couldn't pull off Name That Tune Monday. Lots of friends are on vacation this week and unavailable, so I will be hitting them up and hopefully getting ahead of myself for the next several weeks. I have had fun providing little gifts for friends and I really love to give things.

Do you remember the series "Ally McBeal"? One thing I remember (besides the dancing baby) was the "theme song" the therapist recommended to have. Mine is "Give a Little Respect" by Erasure. I never get sick of that song and when I pop in my "Pop" CD I belt out that tune like know one can hear me. I don't think they can actually hear me but it probably looks really weird to see a minivan with a loud "thump, thump" coming from it. I'm sure I look totally fine in my sun glasses with my mouth opened wide as I'm singing, "Tooo-ooo-oooo-ooooo meeeeee!"

My other theme song would be another oldie, but goodie, "Break Free" from Queen. That is one jammin' good song. I've got my kids and their friends loving that song and when I play taxi that is the song most requested and we have to have it up loud and we all sing it VERY loud. Of course we are all dancing in our seats and in this case probably looks weird to see a minivan full of teens with a mom, hearing "thump, thump" and watching it bounce three feet off the ground in rhythm.

I drove to Arizona a couple of summers ago and we jammed all the way listening to Queen. We didn't get sick of them at all and it was shortly after seeing "Ella Enchanted" where Anne Hathaway sang "Somebody To Love." She did a fun version of it but I have to say when I hear Freddie sing it I see ogres dancing now.

So......I want to know this week what your theme song is or would be if you had one. Please share!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Got Treats?

So here I was, with my family in the country, playing with my favorite stick. I saw a van pull up and a very hot lady human and a girl human got out. I decided to say hi. "Hello! Hello!" I jumped up so they could to pat my head better. "Where's my stick?" I ran and got it and handed it to the new humans so they could throw it for me. Surely, they won't be sick of throwing it. They were talking to my family and kept looking at me. My roommates kept going over to see them but I got the most pats. Naa, naa, nanny, naa. Then they left.

A couple of sleeps later and here were those new humans again. They pet me and talked to me. I have no idea what they were saying but it sounded friendly. Hey! The van door is opened - I wonder what's in there. The little human kept calling my name. There's nothing too exciting in the van but we're going for a ride - that's fun. Weeeeee!

I like that little human. "Mimi" is her name. She tastes really good and I even tasted the inside of her mouth. I don't think she liked that. Mimi took me on a walk and kept throwing my stick for me. I like that. Then I played with my new ball. It didn't quite fit in my mouth so I pushed it along the floor until I could pick it up with my teeth. I got some treats, too.

Inside of her house I can run a circle and then another circle. I think they call that a figure eight. They even had a dish with food and water. They are so kind. When am I going home? Grrrr, that itches. So I licked my legs and my belly because it feels a little better with spit on it. Doesn't taste as good as the inside of Mimi's mouth, though. Or as good as treats.

I spent the night and slept in Mimi's bed. I like being under the covers so I use my nose to lift them and then I crawl all the way under and turn around to poke my head out. I tasted her face again. Yep. Still delicious. Makes me want a treat.

I woke up and had to potty. Mimi let me out and she threw the ball to me. We played fetch and more fetch. I like running after things and seeing how many times people will throw things to me. I also found a new girlfriend. She's a hot little lime green volleyball. I got in trouble for PDA inside the house. I really liked her and kept looking at her and the grown ups said she has to stay outside. I have another ball that's a beach ball and I like to keep it up in the air and not let it touch the ground. Sometimes the furniture gets in the way.

Then come the treats. Mmmm! Treats! Dang! I hate doin' the ballerina dance, it's for wusses. Mmmm! Treats! I don't wanna sit down, the floor's cold. Mmmm! Treats! What if I lie down, roll over, army crawl and bark all at once before you even ask me to? Just gimme the freakin' treat!

We went for a ride and a grown up took my picture while I had the one and only nap all day. Mimi would make a Jack Russell proud - she has so much energy. I wonder if she gets treats.

Name That Tune Monday - Answer

The song was from that famous movie (that I've never seen) Xanadu. Olivia Newton John sings Magic, which was my favorite song in the eighth grade. Flea! You have won this week! I'm so excited to send you something. Just leave me your address and you will get a little goodie!

Name That Tune Monday

This little song was a very big hit back in 1980. This time it's me sporting my new short do - not the best hair day but those have become rare. Name the song and the artist and claim a little pressie from me!

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's a Boy!

This is the latest addition to the family, Copper. Isn't he a sweetheart? He even has freckles just like Mimi!

On the way to get Copper, Mimi asked, "Does Copper still have his ball?"

I started laughing and she repeated herself. Ali was in the car and she said, "What is she asking?"

"Just what it sounds like," I answered.

"No, really, Mom. Does he have his ball under him?" I'm laughing hysterically at this point and it totally reminds me of my cousin's story when my husband had to explain the difference between boys and girls to her little son. You can read about that in my comments from Mom to Elijah in June 2nd's entry "The Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees."

"Does she mean balls?" Ali asks in disgust, in which Mimi quickly says, "Ew." I guess she didn't know what she was asking. Maturation class isn't for another year and a half! She'll be in 4th grade at the start of school in the fall and that seems to be the crossing over of sweet and innocent to ....... wait! What happened?

He has a sweet little face and has taken to Mimi and even softened the heart (slightly) of her dog hating big sister. The owners only had him since November and had another Rat Terrier, too. Copper disappeared for about four weeks in which they thought he was gone forever and got a puppy to replace him. The puppy (Golden Retriever) and the other dog get along like peas in a pod and when Copper was returned (because he has a microchip) they had to give one up. Copper needed to be an only child - I mean dog - and so he was meant to be ours. I can't wait to see how well he gets along with the hamster! Mimi will spoil this dog to pieces and he will be well loved and I'm sure he'll love her back like only a dog can. Minus the bad habits of dogs with a ball.

Last Weekend's Animals

We went to my friend's house to see her new baby goats. They were adorable. Mimi loves animals of just about any kind, but we are from suburbia, so she rarely gets to see anything other than a dog or cat. Because we are "semi-country suburbia" we see an occasional pheasant or dead skunk or dead raccoon.

So going to my friend's property with goats and horses was quite the treat. Mimi couldn't get over the smell but loved the animals anyway.

This was before she knew the difference between boy animals and girl animals - she just knew the mama goats were with the babies and the daddy goat was penned up outside the corral.

As she held one of the babies it cried for it's mama and the mama cried for it's baby. One set of babies was only a week old.

I had a picture of the horses too, but I just noticed it had to be cropped because someone found the fresh country air itchy and found the dairy air - or derriere to be too much. So no picts of horses this time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Birds and The Bees and the Dogs and the Trees

I've been wanting a dog for Mimi since she is seven years younger than her next sister. She really loves animals and would love something that would love her back. Jared doesn't want a dog. I've been waiting for us to get a fence put in, but I realized that if I keep threatening to get a dog, our fence may never get put up. So, I'm sure if we get a dog, it will be built.

We almost had a dog this past weekend. I stopped by my friend Janine's to deliver a treat and after petting her dogs she told me she was trying to get rid of one of them. The two rat terriers weren't getting along. We talked for a long time about the dog so we thought we would do a trial. If they miss him too much or he doesn't work well for our family, we would leave it open and let him go back to Janine's.

Ruger rode in my van on the way home and was really scared. When we got home, I closed the garage door and let Ruger come out. He was too shy. Finally, I got him and put him on Mimi's lap and thought I would surprise Jared. Jared has been adamant about not getting a dog. He protested at first and then saw how sweet Mimi was with Ruger. Then he commented on what a great name Ruger was, after a gun. I didn't know that, I just thought it was a cute dog name.

Then Jared googled "rat terriers" and found out they like to hunt small animals and what they were bred for. He began liking Ruger a little more. Ruger kept following me in the house and I really needed to let him know he wasn't my dog, but Mimi's dog. He slept on Mimi's bed and when he heard the hamster run on the wheel, he perked right up. He was probably thinking, "So that's what fast food is all about."

I went to wake Mimi up for school the next morning and Ruger actually growled at me. Alas. He knows he's Mimi's dog and not mine. When I was at work I got a text from Janine and she said, "Scooter is looking everywhere for Ruger. He's checked all the hiding spots and slept in Ruger's spot. I think we need him back." I knew my Mimi would be broken hearted. So I called Jared and said, "Let her know we'll let her help pick out a dog this week from a shelter."

That helped her hold back the tears some. Then she asked if we were going to get a boy dog or a girl dog. I said I wasn't sure. She said, "How do you know if it's a boy or a girl? Do they have to do a test?" I really thought by age nine she would know about these things, but obviously not.

"I'll show you how to tell the difference when we go pick one out," I answered. We had to drop Ruger's papers off this afternoon and I thought this would be a good opportunity to show Mimi what a boy dog looks like. I let Janine do the honors.

She said, "Well, boy dogs have these," as she points to the ......."how technical do you want me to be?"

"Weenie," I answer.

"Weenie. And in the back there is a little bag that helps them to make puppies. That's how you know they are boys." Mimi remained quiet. I'm just glad she didn't ask any more questions about how puppies are made.

So, we had a loaner dog, a trial terrier, to practice pooch ownership. We will be dog owners by the weekend, I'm sure.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Name That Tune Monday - Answer

Today's Name That Tune was "Just Call Me Angel" by Juice Newton. Do you think that could be a stage name? Diane wins this week!

Name That Tune Monday 4

Name this tune and artist. Leave your answer in the comments - can't wait to hear your comments! This is my good friend Renae again who was so gracious to sing for Name That Tune Monday. I just wasn't "in voice" this week after having a minor surgical procedure in my throat. I've got some fun friends and fun songs lined up, so keep checking in on Mondays at 10:00 AM MST.