Monday, June 15, 2009

Name Your Tune Monday

I apologize, but this week I couldn't pull off Name That Tune Monday. Lots of friends are on vacation this week and unavailable, so I will be hitting them up and hopefully getting ahead of myself for the next several weeks. I have had fun providing little gifts for friends and I really love to give things.

Do you remember the series "Ally McBeal"? One thing I remember (besides the dancing baby) was the "theme song" the therapist recommended to have. Mine is "Give a Little Respect" by Erasure. I never get sick of that song and when I pop in my "Pop" CD I belt out that tune like know one can hear me. I don't think they can actually hear me but it probably looks really weird to see a minivan with a loud "thump, thump" coming from it. I'm sure I look totally fine in my sun glasses with my mouth opened wide as I'm singing, "Tooo-ooo-oooo-ooooo meeeeee!"

My other theme song would be another oldie, but goodie, "Break Free" from Queen. That is one jammin' good song. I've got my kids and their friends loving that song and when I play taxi that is the song most requested and we have to have it up loud and we all sing it VERY loud. Of course we are all dancing in our seats and in this case probably looks weird to see a minivan full of teens with a mom, hearing "thump, thump" and watching it bounce three feet off the ground in rhythm.

I drove to Arizona a couple of summers ago and we jammed all the way listening to Queen. We didn't get sick of them at all and it was shortly after seeing "Ella Enchanted" where Anne Hathaway sang "Somebody To Love." She did a fun version of it but I have to say when I hear Freddie sing it I see ogres dancing now.

So......I want to know this week what your theme song is or would be if you had one. Please share!


DJ said...

Sorry I had to miss the party for Mimi. I hope she had a good birthday. Thanks for the prize! Scott was like "I have no idea what this is for, but Krista said you would know." That is like the first thing I have ever won!! Be good!

DJ said...

I don't have a theme song but love "Ben" by Michael Jackson. Especially now this month as we celebrate Ben's first year of his mission down! Can you believe it?

Flea said...

There's one that I can't think of off the top of my head. When I'm walking around or trying to think, it just pops into my head. But on 3 hours of sleep, it's not coming to me.

My Hunny swears my theme song is Flight of the Bumblebee.

Gil said...

If I had to pick a theme song for myself it would be... "Ride of The Valkyries" from Richard Wagner's"Die Walk├╝re", with Bob Seger's "Fire Lake" running a close second. And, regardless of my disdain for France, my third choice would be the French National Anthem "La Marseillaise" - which is, arguably, one of the most powerful pieces of music ever written.

Life With Dogs said...

Impossible to nail down to a list under ten or so. They all vary according to the moment. Ryan Adams, The Cowboy Junkies, Heather Nova, The Prodigy, The Stones, Diana Krall, Great Lake Swimmers, Audioslave, Steely Dan, Morcheeba....there are so many great artists that each deserves time in my list.

How is that for a long non-answer? :)
My actual list might be around a hundred!

Life With Dogs said...

You may want to stop by quickly today. :)