Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Birds and The Bees and the Dogs and the Trees

I've been wanting a dog for Mimi since she is seven years younger than her next sister. She really loves animals and would love something that would love her back. Jared doesn't want a dog. I've been waiting for us to get a fence put in, but I realized that if I keep threatening to get a dog, our fence may never get put up. So, I'm sure if we get a dog, it will be built.

We almost had a dog this past weekend. I stopped by my friend Janine's to deliver a treat and after petting her dogs she told me she was trying to get rid of one of them. The two rat terriers weren't getting along. We talked for a long time about the dog so we thought we would do a trial. If they miss him too much or he doesn't work well for our family, we would leave it open and let him go back to Janine's.

Ruger rode in my van on the way home and was really scared. When we got home, I closed the garage door and let Ruger come out. He was too shy. Finally, I got him and put him on Mimi's lap and thought I would surprise Jared. Jared has been adamant about not getting a dog. He protested at first and then saw how sweet Mimi was with Ruger. Then he commented on what a great name Ruger was, after a gun. I didn't know that, I just thought it was a cute dog name.

Then Jared googled "rat terriers" and found out they like to hunt small animals and what they were bred for. He began liking Ruger a little more. Ruger kept following me in the house and I really needed to let him know he wasn't my dog, but Mimi's dog. He slept on Mimi's bed and when he heard the hamster run on the wheel, he perked right up. He was probably thinking, "So that's what fast food is all about."

I went to wake Mimi up for school the next morning and Ruger actually growled at me. Alas. He knows he's Mimi's dog and not mine. When I was at work I got a text from Janine and she said, "Scooter is looking everywhere for Ruger. He's checked all the hiding spots and slept in Ruger's spot. I think we need him back." I knew my Mimi would be broken hearted. So I called Jared and said, "Let her know we'll let her help pick out a dog this week from a shelter."

That helped her hold back the tears some. Then she asked if we were going to get a boy dog or a girl dog. I said I wasn't sure. She said, "How do you know if it's a boy or a girl? Do they have to do a test?" I really thought by age nine she would know about these things, but obviously not.

"I'll show you how to tell the difference when we go pick one out," I answered. We had to drop Ruger's papers off this afternoon and I thought this would be a good opportunity to show Mimi what a boy dog looks like. I let Janine do the honors.

She said, "Well, boy dogs have these," as she points to the ......."how technical do you want me to be?"

"Weenie," I answer.

"Weenie. And in the back there is a little bag that helps them to make puppies. That's how you know they are boys." Mimi remained quiet. I'm just glad she didn't ask any more questions about how puppies are made.

So, we had a loaner dog, a trial terrier, to practice pooch ownership. We will be dog owners by the weekend, I'm sure.


Flea said...

Oh! What a touching dog story! I'm sorry you couldn't keep Ruger! He would have taken care of the hamster had you has him a little longer.

We love having girl dogs. The temperament is nice. But neutered boys are nice too. Shelter dogs - good luck. We've never had good luck with them.

Gil said...

Terriers - any terrier - as a breed make great pets. Tinker is a wire-coated Jack Russell Terrier, and, as you know, she is as sweet as any dog could be. Rat Terriers and Fox Terriers. Terriers are loving, loyal, and protective of their person and their territory. They are also very high-energy dogs. Labradors are about the same, but much larger and more clumsy. Cocker-Poos are fiercely protective (ask your mother about the fire in the apartment at Langley, VA). Get a female, and have her "fixed" at about 6 months - even if she isn't broken.
I have had some wonderful dogs from the pound... "pound puppies" seem to enjoy better health, and they will love you with as much energy as any pure bred. They seem to appreciate people sharing their life with them.

Life With Dogs said...

What very good news - almost! Can you tell I am excited to hear this? :)
Let's hope Mimi does not start walking up to boys and asking them if they have baby making bags...

Kari said...

Get the pooper scooper ready! And congratulations early on your new addition!

mom to Elijah said...

Ok....the explanation of a boy dog was too close to the Jared had to give Elijah when we were at Uncle Joes and that dog rolled on its back and Elijah said "why does he have a ball between his legs". That led to Jared telling Elijah all about boy dogs and girl dogs. Anatomy 101 I think is what we called it. Jared did a fabulous job and the explanation took a LONG time. For your friends reading this....imagine.....JAred had to do this the first weekend he met me......so embarrased

DJ said...

How exciting! I can't wait to come meet the new addition. That had to be hard to give the dog back.

Krista said...

I love that story! Lucky Jared is not a shy person in the least so I'm sure he taught Elijah everything he needed to know until next time we see him! Ha!

Gil said...

"I've been wanting a dog for Mimi" may sound like a good trade on the surface, but I'm sure you would come to miss Mimi shortly afterward. (True, dogs do require less maintenance than little girls, and dogs never throw a tantrum in PetSmart, barking out "Buy me that toy!", and then whimpering all the way home.)

Nancy said...

Oh I wish you could have kept Ruger . . . I'm just telling you, from experience, not all dogs are the dreamy little sleep happily on your bed and follow you around dogs . . . good luck with picking another!! And loved the close call to full birds and bees detail. My kids are always asking things that skirt so closely I'm sure they will ask thee questions, but somehow they still never have.