Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Weekend's Animals

We went to my friend's house to see her new baby goats. They were adorable. Mimi loves animals of just about any kind, but we are from suburbia, so she rarely gets to see anything other than a dog or cat. Because we are "semi-country suburbia" we see an occasional pheasant or dead skunk or dead raccoon.

So going to my friend's property with goats and horses was quite the treat. Mimi couldn't get over the smell but loved the animals anyway.

This was before she knew the difference between boy animals and girl animals - she just knew the mama goats were with the babies and the daddy goat was penned up outside the corral.

As she held one of the babies it cried for it's mama and the mama cried for it's baby. One set of babies was only a week old.

I had a picture of the horses too, but I just noticed it had to be cropped because someone found the fresh country air itchy and found the dairy air - or derriere to be too much. So no picts of horses this time.


Flea said...

LOL! Sounds ... and looks ... like a good time was had by all!

Kari said...

I kind of miss the country. I was born and raised in the big city of Phoenix, but when my family moved here we moved to the country with cows, ducks, geese, pigs, horses, etc. I agree with the smells, but the peace is wonderful! Glad Mimi had such a great time! She does love animals, doesn't she.