Monday, June 8, 2009

Name That Tune Monday

This little song was a very big hit back in 1980. This time it's me sporting my new short do - not the best hair day but those have become rare. Name the song and the artist and claim a little pressie from me!


Flea said...

Oh my gosh! Olivia Newton John singing Do You Believe in Magic! From the movie Xanadu! ELO did the soundtrack to that! I watched it again with my kids a few years ago and it turns out my favorite movie is LAME. Ruined the memories. Don't do it.

Flea said...

Wait wait wait - it's have to believe we are magic? I just listened to more than the opening two seconds. A little trigger happy when I heard it.

Gil said...

It's not exactly the duet from "WALTZING MATILDA - THE OPERETTA", but it was indeed lovely! You should write a book about singing hand puppets who paint pictures of doggies in Alaska!