Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Karen!

Karen is one in a million. They say your friends reflect who you are. I think Karen would reflect me on my best day when I've been nice to everyone, no bad thoughts, energetic, patient, loving unconditionally, non-judgemental, inspirational, giving, classy, fun and beautiful. That would be a day when I slept in. It comes natural for her. I'm just plain lucky that someone with those qualities will hang with me.

This is her engagement picture from long ago and I see R.S. stategically erased himself. But thanks for getting this to me.

I remember meeting Karen for the first time. They were building a house in our last neighborhood about 11 years ago. They came to observe their freshly dug "hole." I walked over and introduced myself. You know the saying "People don't always remember what you say but they will always remember how you made them feel." I loved Karen & Rocket Scientist right away. Karen has the best laugh in the world!
I forget that I'm six years older than her. Except I have more aches and pains than her. I'm especially glad that she forgets I'm six years older, but that's probably because I'm really immature. JK! Six years may sound like nothing but to some people it would be a barrier because she is just now entering a stage that I've left. My youngest is a year older than her oldest - but the advantage of that is I have two kids that are old enough to babysit. Some people my age are turning into cranky ladies who don't like hanging out with littlies. I truly love her kids and could eat them right up! I love all the adorable stories she tells me about them and she humored me by listening to mine before she had her kids. And since I don't have as many funnies these days I end up talking about her kids!

My BFF has the strongest but softest shoulders. She not only listens to many people about their trials, but she comforts them with words of inspired wisdom, offers other insight and doesn't judge. She also carries others' problems (which is her only fault) and genuinely cares about people. It's just a dang good thing I NEVER have problems. Well, it's a dang good thing I haven't single-handedly worn her out. I never get tired of Karen and there's very few people I like to just chat with on the phone. I'm always amazed at how fast 90 minutes pass! Between the two of us we never run out of conversation.

She is definitely like a sister to me (but I get to be the boss!) JK! That was just a sisterly kind of thing to say. I think that may be one thing she might like about me - I don't have control issues. I don't need to try to control others (except my kids which are totally out of control - JK - kinda.) She steers clear of those kind of people. She has sisters whose names all begin with a "K" so I would fit right in. There's Kaylene, Kim, Kara and one brother, Mike. I realized the other day my two BFFs have the same initials of K.B.
So as Karen and I always say with our best drunken impersonation, "I love you, man!" I'm very glad to celebrate your birthday. Looking forward to many more!


Nicole said...

She is my sister (by marriage) and I didn't even call her on her birthday! That's why she'll never let me be her BFF. But you are totally right about everything you said about her!!!!!

Karen said...

You are far too kind to me. Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes. So much to live up to.