Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lucky Me!!!

I guess I'll start with the bad luck! I was complimented for my gag reflex when my family doctor stuck four needles in my throat. I was complimented again when the ENT stuck a soap carving hook down my throat. I get to be one of the few and unlucky (second patient in his 9 year career) who have reoccuring tonsil problems after you have your tonsils removed. Okay, so I didn't throw up when they stuck things in my throat, but when the ENT showed me a video - without warning me first - of a tonsillectomy, I really almost lost it. I could feel my stomach contracting and my mouth started watering. I won't describe what I saw, because it may just start me heaving again. He offered to do a minor surgery in his office that day, but lucky I had friends coming for dinner and I couldn't.

Okay - the good luck! I've been surrounded by great friends all this week! Family on Sunday evening, New Year's Eve, my BFF Karen and family for dinner last night, lunch with Princess Na'alie was nice seeing your royal hiney! Does life get any better? It stirred up memories of having a social life at one time - before I became the full-time working woman. When I was a lady of leisure, going to the country club, eating Bon bons, tennis with Sven, and watching Oprah. Reality check - that never happened! Bon bons are gross anyway.

So Princess Nat and I went out for Thai food. The funny part of that is the appetizers we had, which was Immodium. It was worth it though. Nat, you don't mind me talking about your diarrhea problem do you? Just Kidding! Royalty don't have those kind of problems, we have people for that. We always look forward to the fortune cookie and my fortune said, "You know what you want - get to work to make it materialize." I think I got the wrong fortune. Unless I'm getting that Audi.....and will be working for the rest of my life. Why did it have to say "get to work" and not "magic genie will deliver"?


Nancy said...

Yah, if I'm going to get a fortune cookie I want serious fortune -- like "tomorrow someone will give you a million dollars!" -- I don't want a 'good advice" cookie.

Karen said...

Ahhhhh! Great appetizers. I with Nancy on no cookie advice. That is what I have friends for and they are calorie free.