Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Sticks & Stones.....

may break my bones but names will never hurt me." Things only hurt your feelings if you let them, right? It's hard in some situations not to feel hurt, but in reality you've given your consent. Easy to say, hard to live.

Affirmations are thoughts we tell ourselves that are positive. Even if we don't believe them initially, we hope that we'll tell ourselves enough times that we'll eventually prove the statements true. Like: "I am successful." "People like me." "I love food that tastes like cardboard. Cardboard is yummy." "I am soooo good-lookin'." My recent one: "Who needs intestines anyway?"

So what do you do with the junk that creeps into your head? Last week I had a lot of "stinkin' thinkin'" which is what I call thoughts that bring you down. My husband asked me what was wrong one day and I answered that I have a lot of stinkin' thinkin'. He then begged me to share my thoughts. You know that didn't happen. So I forced my thoughts upon him and he reminded me that I was a princess and didn't need to worry about such things. He was my prince and was going to make things all better. That didn't happen either. Those affirmations keep creeping into my thoughts.

Back to stinkin' thinkin' and reality. And chocolate. And anti-depressants. And thumbs while you're in fetal position on the closet floor. Just kidding. I only do one of those mentioned (maybe two). So here's what I think about stinkin' thinkin': Do what you gotta do to get through it because time definitely brings things into perspective. Then you feel really bad because you now have the thought, "I'm a stupid, brainless idiot for thinking that way." My advice (because I have so much insight ;-) is: Surround yourself with positive things. Wear colors you love, listen to music that lifts you up, talk to people who love you and read blogs that make you laugh.


Karen said...

Excellent advice and no more stinky thinky. It really is no good. Besides that, I am fairly sure you are princess.

JaMean said...

I HATE stinkin' thinkin'. Our minds can be SO cruel. Singing ALWAYS helps me feel better.

YOUR singing always helped me feel better!

Bless your husband! He's your Romeo. (Can you tell I love that new Taylor Swift song?)

Want to know another weird thing you can do? Look into the mirror and make faces at yourself! If you do it for long enough, you will eventually crack a smile and kick your stinkin' thoughts!

Kari said...

I knew something smelled! I thought it was just the wind off the Great Salt Lake!

We must now remedy this by having a fun filled Medieval dinner with jousting contests, jesters, jovial singing and just plain fun with Prince Jared and Princess Krista at the head of the table!
Here here!

Kara said...

I love that reaffirmation "Cardboard tastes Yummy!" I think I'll add one for myself. "Peanut butter really didn't taste that good, and I don't miss it!"
And thank you for my next catch phrase Stinky Thinky! I'll agree with you on all accounts! I always knew you were fun and funny, I am delightedly able to see or at least read it again!