Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unfair Media?

Do you think the media is fair when it comes to politics? Do you think they gave equal treatment to our last candidates? If McCain was voted President, do you think the media would be talking about him as they do Obama?

Like this picture of McCain going for the jugular. What was that about?

The mother of this baby should be insulted. He's looking at her like she is a freak of nature. She probably said, "If you win, don't screw up." Either that or she just broke wind. But did the media make fun of that look on his face? No. If it was McCain they would slaughter him.

But isn't it wonderful that Obama loves babies and the baby girl can say she was held by the chosen one?

"Mr. Obama! Just one question please! Oh no you didn't! You did not just flip me off! Mr. Obama! Shame on you! Come down here and let me teach you some manners! Didn't your mama teach you no manners?!"

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!

He's probably saying, "Dude! Don't take a picture of my worshippers while they are bowing to me! That's disrespectful. Why aren't you on your knees?"

Here's the First Family. The media loves everything they do. The girls in designer dresses, the mom in a department store dress. Sounds like the rest of us moms, always giving to our kids and going without ourselves. They really are a good looking family. But is everything they do wonderful? I ask again, would the media be saying these things about McCain? Not a critical word from the media. Not that the family should be criticized, but everything they do is heroic.

You saw it here first folks! The light actually does shine out of his......asking again. Would the media be praising McCain's every move? But we all know that his followers are those who don't have morals and looking for direction. Just follow the light media reporters! And make sure you are puckered up!

This sums it up. Here is "The Chosen One" in his glory. Notice he has white hands? I don't understand why they refer to him as a black man, when he is half white. Isn't he both? Isn't he our first bi-racial president? Is he ashamed of his white heritage? He doesn't have the history of most black Americans. He didn't have to grow up during segregation or have ancestors that were slaves.

Now here's a hero. He might even know what it's like to be a soldier and how it feels to be at war. And making the best out of a bad situaton he makes hand shadows on the wall. Here he demonstrates a parrot. Always the optimist!

Now here's a hunk o' burnin' love! We girls love a man in a uniform! But the media said this was a not a country for old men.

The American Couple. Is Cindy not stunning? (Don't worry Cori Dawn - you're still hot!) Her wardrobe get's an A+. I wonder where she shops? Probably some place I've never heard of or couldn't afford to buy a pair of socks from.

I knew I liked him for many reasons but this was the icing on the cake! Unfortunately, America didn't "Take A Chance" and "The Winner Takes It All." I'm sure we'll be calling "SOS" soon. "Knowing Me, Knowing You" there's nothing more that we can do.

Did you hear McCain might be a Mormon? One of those rumors that go around. I don't know what would give people that impression. "Which white shirt should I wear?"

Here's Cindy showing off their food storage. They could have taught this country a lot about being prepared for disaster. Let's just keep praying for our country and our President, whether you like him or not.

(I was just kidding about them being Mormon.)


Karen said...

I loved this post. I laughed and cried a little. The media was really unfair. I could not agree more. I am just thankful we haven't had to hear about the first time the Obama's, oh you know, in the White House.

Yes, prayers for our leaders, always. They need them.

Karen said...

Hey, thanks for stopping over at my blog. Otherwise I wouldn't have realized that I love you. It's good to see someone say what should have been said a while ago.

I love it. I pray for Obama daily, but I still loved this.

Flea said...

I KNEW McCain wasn't Mormon! Geez. Spreading rumors like that.

Thanks for popping in at my blog. Just read your about me section. I heard your brother, Gene, was an only child. What gives?

Love the idea of a practical joke as blog enema. :)

Christina said...

You make me laugh! What a great post and I so totally agree! Obama-land is not the happiest place on earth even if we have a Mickey Mouse running things.

Pray for Obama? Yes, we do, and for this great country of ours.

Krista said...

Karen #1 -
You won't be surprised that when I read about the first time the Obama'a, oh you know....I actually thought of using the toilet facilities. Then it dawned on me "Oh, that." I suppose there's many firsts in the white house.

Gil said...

You missed your true calling, Krista. You should have been a political commentator (or is that a common 'tater?). You have a genuine gift for a humorous approach to serious situations ... reminds me of Erma Bombeck.

Chaotic Di said...

The media is democratic, liberal, biased and constipated! I subscribed to "Time" mag by mistake last year and I have had my eyes opened! Every issue in the last 8 months have been about "The Chosen One".
I personally do not care for him or his wife's fashion choices but I do think they are a nice little family.
I will still pray for him to lead our country in the right direction and I will also respect the office that he holds. But that doesn't mean I worship him!