Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail

"I'm gonna write the Easter Bunny a note and ask him if he'll put our names on our eggs and hide them so we can find them," Mimi says excitedly today.

"Wait a minute. I thought you didn't believe in the Easter Bunny," I remind her.

"No. That was just Santa Claus. Because I found my notes in your cabinet and those painted pieces of wood in Dad's closet," she reminds me. "Plus we don't have a chimney."

I remember blatantly a few weeks ago she announced she knew I was the Easter Bunny. And I said, "Yep." So is she having "Believer's Remorse"? Is she retracting her disbelief? Has she already had too much candy from the Easter Egg hunt on Saturday to remember she is a disbeliever now? Maybe I should get it in writing next time. "I, Mimi, no longer believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. Therefore, you (the parents, er, uh, Mom) are no longer obliged to provide gifts, chocolate and money from this day forward."

Remember? I was taking this day off. I was going to leave rabbit turds (chocolate covered raisins) instead. Well, she did make me a birthday card. She did make me a "get well" card when I was sick. She also made me a watercolor picture of a rainbow and then got mad at me and got a marker and wrote "To Daddy" on it. So maybe she's the only one who deserves a little treat from the Bunny.

It reminds me of a time I bribed my kids to be good while we ran an errand and I would take them to get an ice-cream afterward. Well, they were little ..... brats..... and I told them that just because they were brats didn't mean I couldn't have a treat. So I bought myself an ice-cream cone and ate it right in front of them. I'm giggling to myself as I think about it because I was so fuming mad with them I'm surprised the ice-cream didn't melt from the steam coming out of my ears. So I pretended to enjoy that ice-cream cone as I ate my frustrations. Bahaha!

So, any suggestions? Remember, I have the 17 and 19 year olds that didn't acknowledge my birthday. I'm trying to be strong. Maybe there should be a movie "The Year Without the Easter Bunny." Maybe I could tell them Mother's Day will be a predetermination for Christmas. I feel so mean! I could always just put Jared in charge. I have this small fear he would make me look bad, you know, that he might spend more than usual and have this feast of holiday favorites. But then I think about how he takes over cooking dinners sometimes and the kids complain that it's not like mom's. Wishful thinking.


Kari said...

You know, they have coal for Christmas. Is there something for bad kids for Easter? I'd give them a "poop" filled plastic egg. That might do it. Then eat another ice cream cone right in front of them Easter morning! :)

Linda said...

Eating ice-cream in front of the kids is sooooo something I would do. I love it.

As far as Easter goes, eat cadbury eggs in front of them and make them watch the Ten Commandments and Spartacus all day.

You're working full time and taking clases?!?!? You are my blogging mom hero. Now go take a nap.

Saimi said...

Ok missy, you may not want to hear this, but Mimi is still young and she deserves to be excited about the Easter Bunny.

Color eggs with her, hide them in the morning and put that basket out filled with candy, lots of candy. Let her eat it until she never wants to see candy again.

Then pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you are a super mom for endurning yet another year of the Easter Bunny.

You can do it!!
Have fun and Happy Easter!! :)

Leenie said...

All shredded grass and a note that says, "Santa and I took the Tooth Fairy and went on vacation to Hawaii. If you remember your mom's birthday this year we'll think about coughing up some goodies next time around." T.E.B.

Also get a copy of "The Lamb of God" DVD-20 minutes long--costs a few bucks--as a reminder there are no bunnies and chickies in the first celebration of that significant Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

Yep, she knows you're Easter Bunny, but she still wants the thrill of the hunt. I remember my daughter writing "To Easter Bunny, c/o The Hole".I've just discovered your blog and am only just recovering from peals of laughter with Coco and the Indian dance,and Copper and his green ball.Good luck with the Easter thing and buy yourself an expensive gourmet chocolate to make up for the missed birthday gifts. Savour it as much as the icecream. You are so funny.

Lisa said...

I love the idea of Believer's remorse. I feel that about buying, but now it sounds like I can do that for all KINDS of things. And I LOVE that you ate the ice cream in front of them. That's even BETTER than a beating. Nice going. :)

Gil said...

FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY??? How sad! I can relate to that though, as I have one who chooses not to remember, one who sometimes remembers, and two that always remember. I simply reciprocate in-kind.
And who in their right mind would give a basket of eggs to a creature than hops up and down during the delivery process?