Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weird Wednesday

Frantic Phone Calls

I had some weird dreams this week, involving phones. The first one was: I made a phone call to someone who I've had "tensions" with. The person who answered the phone in my dream thought it was important that I tell my story to the person involved. They called the other person to the phone and I was afraid they wouldn't accept my phone call at all. When they answered I started, "You've only heard one side of the story, I think that it's important that you hear my side of the story, too." Amongst my story I had to deliver some upsetting news (that is equal to a Greek tragedy). It was weird that my subconscious thoughts were played out in a dream. Of course, in my dream my news was accepted without further tensions.

The second dream involving a frantic phone call was more stressful. There was a small girl hanging high in some power lines. People were trying to get a ladder up but they couldn't reach her. I yelled, "Has anyone called 911?" No one had. I ran around the neighborhood frantically looking for a phone to call 911. The first phone ended up being an old cell phone that was now a child's toy. The second phone told me I mis-dialed the number. Then I got a wrong number. Meanwhile, a child's life was at stake and the clock was ticking. I don't know what this dream was about. Any interpreters out there?


Nancy said...

I don't know, I don't know. I often wonder how I know the difference between dreams that mean something and those that mean nothing. Mostly I am just like, "What the ...??" that my subconscious would come up with such insane things that my conscious mind would never think of!

JaMean said...

The first dream, you nailed. It's your subconscience at work.

The child dream may be somewhat of a control issue. Someone needed help and you could not help them. Perhaps someone is reaching out to you and you cannot help them? Perhaps you are worried about one of your children or friend's children being in danger?

Idea #3: Meds mess with your head. ANYthing you take can make you dream strange, vivid dreams.

Call Mandy. :) I cannot tell you how many hours she spent analyzing my psychotic dreams. She has a knack for that sorta stuff.

Kari said...

Go to It's interesting if nothing else. According to this site, your dream says you need to confront something that you have been trying to avoid. The power lines mean you are experiencing an obstacle toward your career goals or in a relationship.

Anyways, you can look it up for further details. It's fun to look at.

I say just eat some chocolate and call me in the morning! :)