Monday, May 25, 2009

Name that Tune Monday - James' Jingle 5/25/09

James is the next performer.....the husband of Renae from last week. He is the one who started all this karaoke singing business and sold us the piano responsible. Thanks for all the fun you've added to our lives - not to mention what has inspired my Ali to sing! Name the tune - and yes, I've distorted the song title again. So fun!


JaMean said...

New York, New York!!

I had a Strawberry Shortcake doll that came with a tape and she sang the same song! LOL!

Thanks for bringing back THAT memory! (She sounded Marilyn Monroe-ish)

Gil said...

Playing it forward, I think it was Satan singing the Armenian National Anthem in Mandarin Chinese. When I pklayed it backwards it almost sounded more like Kroy Wen, Kroy Wen, by Artanis Knarf!

mom to Elijah said...

I was so busy I missed name the tune monday.....I am so BUMBED!!!! Cant wait to hear this when I get home from work today....(no sound at work)

mom to Elijah said...

Theme from New York, New York”

Song by Liza Minnelli
Album "New York, New York" Original Soundtrack Album
Released 1977
Recorded September 19, 1977
Genre Traditional pop
Length 3:26
Label Reprise Records
Writer Fred Ebb
Composer John Kander
Producer Sonny Burke
"New York, New York" Original Soundtrack Album track listing

mom to Elijah said...

In 1979, it was recorded by Frank Sinatra, for his album Trilogy: Past Present Future (1980),

Kari said...

Yes this is one of my favorite songs! I love New York, New York!