Thursday, May 7, 2009

Choose An Identity

I think it's kinda funny when you leave a comment on a blog and it says, "Choose an identity." I thought about this question a lot and ask, "Hmmm. Who would I like to be today?"

When I was in first grade, I'll never forget sitting in class and the teacher was calling the roll. She called my name. I ignored it....on purpose. She called me again and looked up, "Krista?" I remember looking everywhere except her eyes and answered, "My name is changed."

She asked, "Oh really? What's your new name?"

"Karen," I answered proudly.

"Karen?" She asked. Yes! My class will call me by my favorite name now! "You'll have to bring a note from home telling me your name is changed." I could feel a tiny, six year old size dagger go through my little six year old heart. I was caught in my lie. Darn! Now I'll have to be stuck with being plain old Krista.

The other day I forwarded an e-mail from my home account to my friend at work's account. She wrote back, "Who is this from? What is your name?" So of course, I take this opportunity to tell her my name is "Princess Krista, Her Royal Highness, Her Majesty, but you can call me Krista." It's funny how that title makes you hold your head up a little higher.

Have you ever dressed up for Halloween and felt "in character?" That usually happens when I dress up like a witch. Have you dressed up for a formal occasion and felt ..... lacking a word here ..... elite? Have you been caught in your pajamas at 1:00 in the afternoon and felt like a lazy slob? Me neither.

So....what identity would you choose?


Nancy said...

I loved this post. So true that dressing up puts you in character . . . I was always very uncomfortable dancing at stomps unless they were halloween stomps and I could go Disco. I loved the story of changing your name. Oh how I yearned to be named "Star" growing up . . . ohhh I can only imagine how much more fulfilling and exciting my life would have been. "Star" -- yes, lovely. Heehee.

P.S. Maybe this is why you and Karen are so close . . . it fulfilled some unmet wish from your youth.

Gil said...


Karen said...

Sometimes being called Stressfree might seem awkward, but if it was accurate I'd wear it proudly.

And ironically, the Krista in my class had the much cooler name than I. Krista always sounded like a regal name. I mean, it was one letter away from being able to spell s-t-a-r. And I was stuck with plain old Karen.

JaMean said...

LOL! You are too funny. We should get you a tiara to keep with you at all times, so that you can plop it on and be a princess when you need to be!

You are NOT a witch, either, so STOP that! Happy Mother's Day and THANKS for that funny video. Andie was so excited! She kept saying, "Oh my gosh! Mom, that's YOU! Way to go!"

LOL! Today, I think I will ride THAT one. I'll be the famous Mom of the Year!

Karen said...

Today.....I choose beach bum. Is that an identity?

It's not warm enough for you here yet...but give it a few more weeks and you will wish you were a beach bum with me at this gorgeous lake! :)

mom to Elijah said...

when did you steal Moms name? Her Majesty? The Queen?