Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sporting Our New Bling

The Mimster with her new glasses.
Ali usually wears contacts. I don't really love these glasses but they're the happenin' thing.

Gorgeous sisters.

I have 20/20 vision but the only one in the fam with a pink cast. Would you expect any other color?


Karen said...

I'd be worried that the cast would be hard to coordinate with. I'm weird like that.

Karen said...

I love the girls glasses. Especially Ali's. They make her look older though.

Also.......I must say...I LOVE THE NEW HAIR DO!!!!! So cute on you.

The cast is a lovely shade of pink. We need to find you some shoes and hand bag to match.

Kari said...

Love the BLING! Very complimentary. And the CAST! What a fashion statement!! Not many people can wear one and look so FABULOUS dawling!

Nicole said...

didn't ali used to be a blonde?

Krista said...

Karen #1 - I thought pink was a neutral color. It is in my wardrobe! ;-)

Karen #2 - yes, Ali looks older. She will be legally aged to drive next week. I've upped my Prozac.

Kari - Thanks for the compliment. I really wanted people to notice my beautiful cast and not my blonde afro that I didn't get up early enough to have Ali fix. My secret: gel and do not comb.

Nicole - Yes, Ali is naturally a blonde. Her eyebrows are dark and that really bothered her so she went dark to match. Breaks my heart, lucky she's cute and can get away with any color. I'm not a biased mom, though.