Saturday, February 7, 2009

Six Things That Make You Smile

I was tagged by my friend Christina to share six things that make me smile. Hmmm......

1. Babies always make me smile. They make everyone smile, I'm sure, unless it's your turn to change the diaper.

2. Thinking of friends and family near and far makes me smile. Sounds like a Hallmark card but it's true. When I get a reply or a contact from an old friend (like Robin from CO, Kristen from PA and Lisa from Oz recently) I always smile. And of course my friends and family close by.

3. My family: Seth and his sense of humour and his hugs. Ali and her grades, singing, accomplishments but not her driving which causes me to grit my teeth which could be misinterpreted as a smile. Mimi and her cute sayings and her passion for life. Jared's eyebrow twitching when he pretends he's sad.

4. Other cute kids when they talk to me. I give them my attention and smile at them. What they have to say is so important. I like the big kids, too. They make me laugh actually, which is even better!

5. Getting chocolate faced with Karen. That's more of a drunken smile mixed with guilt.

6. Sleep. I'm sure I smile in my sleep.

RULES:Link to the person who has tagged you.Write down six things that make you happy.Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it.Then tell the person when your entry is complete. I tag: Karen, my dad, Kari, Di, Diane J. and Barack.


Gil said...

1. Puppies make me smile
2. Kittens make me smile
3. Family makes me smile ... most of the time.
4. Friends make me smile
5. Riding my motorcycle makes me smile, but it's an internal smile (I avoid bugs in my teeth that way).
6. Playing on my computer makes me smile ... when I'm not screaming at it!

Karen said...

Oh oh oh oh!!!! I can hardly wait to see what makes Barak smile. Wait I already know.....spending my money, reminding people he was the one elected, smoking in the boys room, I could go on.....

I love getting chocolate faced with you too. Definately makes me smile.