Friday, February 13, 2009

They're Only Numbers

I love numbers. Sudoku. Math. Number patterns. Balancing my checkbook to the cent every month. I remember numbers. It's a curse when someone changes their phone number. What am I supposed to do with the old phone number stored in my head? I remember birthdays, which makes some people uncomfortable because they can't remember mine. Remembering mine is not the point. I can't help remembering their birthday, therefore I live with the guilt if I don't acknowledge it. If you happen to have any spare chocolates around, it's my birthday today.

Today is Friday the 13th. I obviously am not superstitious since I don't believe the lame horoscopes or fortune cookies that have been very greedy with their luck. (I'm protesting against Chinese restaurants.) Today would be a lucky day, since I've survived six other birthdays that were on Friday the 13th. I won't be having another Friday the 13th birthday until 2016 - SeVen years from now. I looked for a pattern but didn't find an easy one. If you figure out the pattern, I will send you a prize. Does anyone want an 18 year old son?

My Age. Another number. Numbers can lie. They can be vindictive and cruel. Only when it comes to age, weight and Price tagS. I don't mind my age. I just don't want to look my age. I will send a prize to the person that guesses the best guess. I didn't say the correct age, I said the best guess. That would mean the answer I like the best. And for those that know my true age - don't you dare post my age on my blog. It's my blog and I'll delete if I want to, delete if I want to, delete if I want to. You would delete too if it happened to you.

Now I have to shout to another Feb birthday from the 11th - my old MTC roommate Robyn. She and her companion were going to Texas and my comp was going to the Manchester mission and I went to the London mission. We kept touch all these years. One More shout out to an office mate: Rodney - get better soon.


Nicole said...

My clock says it's 11:16, which means it's not really your birthday yet. But let me be the first to wish you a very Happy Birthday, since I'm sending good thoughts your way 45 minutes early! :)

February birthdays are the best!!! I think only truly unique people are born in February. :)

And I say you are, um, hum, infinity years shy of being eternal. How's that for a good age?

Krista said...

I scheduled this for 5:00 AM, Friday 13th. Maybe it was going by Greenwich time. BTW, that's pronounced "grin-itch" if you didn't know that already. I'm full of trivial knowledge. Thanks for the good wishes. You definitely get the early bird prize! When are we going to play "Rat Race" again with Karen & RS?

Nicole said...

Wait, I just realized that my guess at your age makes it sound like I think you're never going to be Eternal, like you'll forever be on a hamster wheel, trying to reach eternal perfection and never getting there. When really I was just trying to find a clever way of saying you were still young without doing the cliche "21 again" routine. I shouldn't blog after 9:00 pm. My brain is only half on at this hour.

Krista said...

PS. When's your birthday so I can have another one stuck in my head? Ha! Ali's is next week.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! I'm not going to venture your age, but will say that you don't look a day over 29. I also feel kinda down since that would mean I've got almost 10 years on you.

DJ said...

Happy 29th birthday, Krista. You don't look a day older than 29 at all. I certainly hope you won't be celebrating it by going to that movie by the same name (Friday the 13th). I wish you the best!

Karen said...

Happy 29th Birthday!!!!!! Look at you with your Barbie Doll figure and icon. Please, please, no prizes for me.

So....How many phone numbers do you have rolling around in your head for me? Oh the horror.

Since, Nicole has not spilled the beans on her birthday yet....I will tell you that it is two days earlier than the Wild Child's.

Kari said...

How can I compete with what has already been said? I'll take the loser's spot. I'm ok with that. But I will say you are 29 for the 13th time? Sorry to say, you will never catch up to me! HAHAHA!Wait....CRAP! Oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Gil said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MONKEY!! I know it's been a long 17 years for you, but remember this ... your Dad is 6 years older than you!

Robin said...

Okay, Krista!! You are 31 and you look GREAT!! I hope you had a wonderful and adventurous Birthday...wish we could of celebrated together! Let's do it next year...really, and Alicia too.
The 'three amigos' reunite in 2010...woohoo!! Here's looking at you kid:)

Nancy said...

Well for crying out loud, this is not the first post I have ever read about numbers and liking them and all I can think is, "What? How?" Why don't I love them and remember them and make crazy patterns out of them? But, my husband was born on a Friday the 13th, so there is that, but I don't know most of my siblings b-days. How's that for awful.

I would guess that you are 30, and that is what I would really think until I remember I am 32 and you have an 18 yr. old son . . . then I realize something is wrong in my reckonin' . . . unless you had him when you were 12. Then my reckonin' is right on.