Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is This The TMI Award?

My BFF Karen tagged me with this meme. Now, if I want to keep this award I have give 10 honest "juicy" things about me. I'm so boring....how honest do you want me to be? I guess as long as I'm not confessing, I'm okay.

1. I'm deathly afraid of bugs. Australia has many large and strange bugs and I don't miss them. I especially don't like preying mantises. Even though spiders are considered arachnids, they're still bug-like and scare me, too. I tried to find a picture of a huntsman spider that would show how big they are this is the only one I could find. They are about as big as your handspan.

2. I'm very insecure. Though I'm very outgoing and can befriend anyone I get anxiety thinking about what people might think of me. I know I shouldn't care and unless you were one of my bff's you would never guess this about me.

3. Carol Burnett, Tim Conway and Paul Lynde were my childhood heroes. I still think the Carol Burnett show was the funniest of all time.

4. I dated many guys in my single days but I've only truly loved two guys. One of them I married, my darling Jared. He has recently treated me like nothing less than a princess. I'm very spoiled. He's good looking, too.

5. I don't like cats. I like dogs much better.

6. I have trigeminal neuralgia. That means I have a nerve in my face that sends pain signals for no reason. I have to take a pain killer occasionally for this. It comes and goes in cycles. I don't talk about it much since I've had it for about five years.

7. I used to be a Martha Stewart. I don't have that kind of time or desire to be her anymore. I think she was one of my split personalities and she finally split off for good. Carol Burnett is one of my split personalities.

8. I don't like getting my hair wet. I have a blonde afro that's very hard to tame and unless I have conditioner, BioSilk, blow dryer, straightening iron and hairspray around, I refuse to get my hair wet.

9. I'm addicted to Sudoku! I love word puzzles, games and even board games except Monopoly, which bores me.

10. Something juicy......yawn.....uh.....I need a.......reduction? If you would like to donate to the cause let me know. Be careful what you wish for as a teenager. No photo for this one, sorry.

Now I would like to tag: Kari, Diane J., Jared because he's never done a meme before and anyone else who would like to do it!


Karen said...

Totally digging the pictures. Seriously, the pigs and the blonde afro are my favorites.

Reallllly.....you are afraid of bugs? I didn't know. :)

Also, I love all of you split personalities. Even 23 and the Martha who you let go.

Robin said...

Hey Krista, you're not boring at all!! I was laughing the whole time I was reading your blg. I'm addicted to sudoku too! Little trivia, did you know it was George Washington who came up with the game? My denist told me as he was watching play the game during a check-up. Haven't check to see if it's true yet:) You're still the awesome Krista I've always known!

Kari said...

The dare is on! I can't resist mate!
All I could do when I read this was say, "Yep, yep and yep." :)

Nancy said...

Ha, I loved how juicy that was -- cats not dogs, etc. and I can only mock your juiciness because whenever I get a tag that says to say unique or quirky or whatever type of things about me I am once again forced to confront my own lack of juicy details to give.

Krista said...


It's hard being so dang good that we don't have any "juicy" stories. Maybe we should get into more trouble!