Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blame or Power?

First I have to say thanks to all those who commented on my sickly sweet Valentine's post. You've seen another side of me and I can't believe you're back. I'll try really hard to refrain from being too serious.

I'm the new girl at work. I've only been there for 4 1/2 months and still learning a lot. I try to make the others laugh and try to not take my job too seriously. So when I make a mistake, as embarrassing as it is, I try to make light of it. As one lady was showing me a mistake I made I said tongue in cheek, "I suck at that. You should fire me." Totally caught her off guard. She laughed and said, "I don't think so."

A man came into the office with some piece of mail (which I'm in charge of distributing) and questioned who's it was and why was it in his box. I chose the closest lady to him and said, "Linda told me if I didn't know what to do with the mail to just put it in your box." Lucky she's got a sense of humor and laughs and says, "I did not."

Then there was the mess with the paper shredder. When the janitor came in and asked about the mess I quickly say, "Cori did that." I have fun catching people off guard and blaming them for things that I obviously did.

Realistically, I accept things that I've done wrong. I don't make a whole lot of mistakes....uh hum.....but I own what I do. Have you ever been blamed wrongly for something? It totally sucks and hurts and as I got to deep thinking one day (it was for one day, but it passed) I realized: when someone blames you for something, they are giving you a lot of power. They are saying, "I have no power over this situation and it's because you did _____." I was feeling hurt and angry and felt like I was thrown under a train in a situation. I was blamed for the whole problem.....and I just recently realized - I was given the power. It's amazing how much power someone is willing to give you. I didn't know I had it! It almost makes me want to prod them just for fun.....I really shouldn't share thoughts like that, should I?

So I've gone from hurt to anger to power to peace to humor. I really didn't want blame or power (and I'm sure you don't either) but I guess if you have to choose one it's best to see it for what it really is. Meanwhile, I'll still keep blaming my innocent workmates for things I've done. At least they know I'm always kidding. Sheez! And next time you get all the blame, remember: You have the power!


Karen said...

I've got the Power! (Can you hear me singing?) Great post. Love the stories about work. I wish I would remember such tactics with my kids. Maybe my oldest would figure out when I am kidding.

Karen said...

Interesting the things you think of when you dig deep. But you're absolutely right, now that you point it out.

Kari said...

Just a quick thanks because after your Valentine's blog I had to write a sappy one! I couldn't contain myself! Oh well. A sappy one every now and then is a healthy thing, right?

And thanks for the deep thought about power. Some of the things I've been accused of are serious and were very hurtful so it's a nice thought, and healing, to think of it in a power sense. It makes sense considering the people who accused me too! So, thank you Dr. Phil..ista!

Nancy said...

Hah, I totally sang Karen's comment. I love your little quick blames, they made me chuckle.

Jodi said...

Very true! We all have more power than we realize. Maybe that's a good thing at times! lol

Thanks for entering my contest! Come back and vote on your fav purple thing now! It's craaaazy!!!

Robin said...

Krista, thank you for your thoughts on 'power'. I was accused for something I had no control over and it did hurt. But now, after reading your blg. I see it was given the 'power'. And the girl who did the accussing would be pissed if she knew that that is what she gave me...thanks for the insight girlfriend!!