Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Preparation

Spring is supposed to be here. It's time for us to be working on our bikini bodies for Summer, right? I'm encouraged for two reasons: 1/ Spring may never arrive here in my state. 2/ There will always be someone that looks worse than me by the pool. Of course there will always be those that look better. Whatever. I say Spring may never come because it snowed last week and then warmed up again by the end of the day. Some of the damage it left behind:They say women have an extra layer of body fat to keep them warm. These ladies were so warm they had to take some of their extra clothes off.

I'm suddenly not feeling so bad about being caught half naked at the pool. Though I cover up a little more than those girls and others are grateful. Are we ever satisfied? Too hot, too cold. Too young, too old. Too poor, too rich. Nah. Is it possible to be too rich? I'd like to find out.

Right now my hair is too short. When I went to the hairdresser two weeks ago, my hair was NOT too long. She asked, "How much should we take off, and inch? Half an inch?" I said, "Let's keep the length and just thin it out." I thought maybe I'd try once again to grow it a little longer.

Well, she colored it back to my natural color (blonde, of course) and then came the haircut. The deal is I've been going to this hairdresser for the 14 years I've lived in the states, after living in Australia for seven years. She cut my hair before I moved to Australia, so I've known her over 20 years. Therefore, we are comfortable talking about a lot of things. I'm no longer comfortable.

The subject was her husband. He was in big trouble. The more she talked about him the shorter my hair became. Next thing you know it was lesbian short. It looks awful. My hair has never been this short before. I feel like I need to explain to people that I am straight. I didn't say anything after she was done, because after I wash it and do it myself it usually looks better. It didn't. The next day I looked in the mirror and I thought swear words. Mainly the question, "What the hell?" I just wanted to cry. But it's just dead protein growing out of my head and it grows back, right? Two weeks later and I still have a man's hairdo. Almost a comb over.

My friends at work said, "Oh, you're back to blonde." When they saw my awful hair. They didn't say, "Cute haircut," or anything. Just that I was back to blonde. My brother said yesterday he hated my hair and wanted to disown me. My husband said, "I do not like your hair that short." My kids were shocked. WTH? What's the use of having a nice face if your hair sucks?

The problem is, I've been going to her for a long time. I haven't been very happy with my hair for the last several cuts and colors. I don't know if she's losing her touch or if she's in too big of a hurry because she usually has a couple of clients processing at a time. Once she over processed my hair and it came out looking ash gray instead of ash blonde. I sent her a note on Facebook and let her know I didn't know what to do with my hair being this short. She said, "Come in and get some wax." I said, "I already have products." What to do, what to do. Friendship......or nice hair?


Just a bed of roses said...

It all comes out in the open when the sun shines doesnt it!

Not wanting to be judgemental about fat...but how come their boobs are so little in comparison to the other rolls?
A picture thats burned into my mind now Krista, not going near a bucket of chocolate ice cream!

Hair asked...its time for a change.
One must do that ever so often.

Saimi said...

Oh you poor thing! I hate when hair stylist can't get it right and after 20 years, she should be able to cut your hair blind folded.

Remember, you are paying her! Man, I'd let her know the next time you go in, she better have her game on and pay attention to what you want.

If you not happy with your hair, time to make some changes!!

Good luck!

Kate said...

Yikes this hits close to home for me because I'm a hairstylist. Although I hope I'm not THAT hairstylist that gets chatting too much and gives you the Ellen when you didn't want the Ellen. I do have to say that if what I'm doing isn't working for one of my clients that I am 100% okay with them trying someone else. Sometimes we get in a rut with our clients and everyone needs a change. Clients do come and go, and move around, and when I run into an old client at the store I'm still really happy to see them and catch up for a minute. But maybe your hair girl isn't at bitchin as I am.

:) and PICTURE PLEASE!!! I wanna see your do.


Anonymous said...

Nice hair, you can always make new friends! I'm kidding! That's a tough one....and I've had a similar experience before. But you have to be able to trust someone with your hair, and if you can no longer do that, it's time to move on. You can still be friends...just not hair friends.

I doubt you look THAT bad, hair is easy to overlook when you have such a beautiful face as yours.

Cheeseboy said...

Wow. Never make a hairdresser angry. (Also applies to dentists.)

Leenie said...

I have SO been there!!! I've had my hair cut by the same lady for years and have learned never to bring up the subject of The Snake Man or The Neighbor. Her scissors move as fast as her mouth. They are inseparably connected. My friend at work has her hair done there as well. Same story. Great haircuts EXCEPT don't get the lady upset. Remember, the only difference between a good haircut and a bad one is three or four weeks.

Anonymous said...

She's incompetant, self-absorbed and uninterested in what you want. You don't owe her anything. It is a business relationship and she no longer serves your needs as a customer. You pay her to provide you with excellent haircare. If she does not do that, then the relationship must end.

You work too hard to spend your money on crappy haircuts and lousy color jobs. Respect yourself enough to go to someone who knows what they're doing and will treat you like a valued customer. It's called being professional.

Simply do not go back. No explanation is necessary. Don't let her butcher you again.

Lisa said...

Oh my freakin' crap, the "have to explain to people that I'm straight?" Seriously! Laughing my head off, and no, I did not use acronyms, because I really am. I'll date you. I don't care if your hair is good, as long as you're funny.

Anonymous said...

"Come in and get some WAX"??? This was her reply?? No, "I'm so sorry I cut your hair so short"?? Or, "Oh, Krista, you asked me not to cut it too short and I just completely went nuts and didn't listen- I'm
so sorry."??? Wax?? WTF! Drop this bimbo. Get a real hair stylist.

See Mom Smile said...

Love the blue balls and obese pics! Sorry about the hair. Been there soooooo many times. Another important tip when getting your hair cut. Do not ask your stylist if she is pregnant, if you are not sure that she is. Just a tip.

Flea said...

In the best case scenario you'd have both. Talk to her. Talk to her. Meet her for coffee if she's really a friend. But don't go back for a hair cut.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, I think those pictures are going to give me nightmares tonight!
Seriously, sorry about the hair. Honestly, that's why I cut my own hair! I hear so many horror stories that I figure, heck, why pay someone to give me a bad haircut when I can do that for free!
But then again, my hair is longer and more easy to cut than a shorter hair style.

Kari said...

Krista, you are beautiful, even with short hair! Luckily it does grow! Don't beat yourself up too badly. I have gone back and forth with my hairdresser. I'll use her sometimes, then I'll go for a few months, using a different person, then I'll go back to her. There is no manual that dictates where you have to get your hair done, friend or not.
The thing I love about you is your grace and style despite your predicament.
Love ya!!! Let's do lunch!

Karen said...

If she is your friend....she is your friend above and beyond being your stylist. I say it is A-OK to try a new stylist. Make your appointment with her for lunch or a movie instead of hair. It is kind of like those DA#N phones we use to have. They weren't cutting it so to say, so we had to move on. I totally agree with your other BFF, too. You will handle it with grace and style and no haircut gone dike could change how beautiful you are.

As far as those lovely girls go.....Oye, I need to go back on my diet. Just plain frightening.

Tried calling you. I still can not figure out your new schedule. I will get the hang of it about the time it changes. Miss you.

Gil said...

Here's the test, and it only consists of one question:
Does she cut your hair for free?
If the answer is "Yes, she does cut my hair for free.", then the relationships is based upon friendship.
If the answer is "No, she not only took my hair, she took my money as well!" then the relationship is "professional". A true technical professional will bend over backwards to make it right for you... but in this case it sounds like you were the bendee.
Tell her you are embarrassed by the haircut, and everybody you know says it looks hideous, SO FIX IT OR DIE!! Ooops, sorry! - I got a bit carried away there

Kate said...

I totally did already comment! :) Up there near the top!! And now that I've read the other comments too I kinda agree with Gil. Haha! But really, if she's not doing a good job, don't go back. If this was just a one time fluke thing then maybe another chance, but sounds like it wasn't.