Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Random Pink Stuff

Just another day in know, I wake up, eat my Shredded Wheat and Bran cereal with chocolate soymilk, have a headache, take Excedrin and a handful of vitamins, clean house in my pjs, and some one knocks on my door at the early hour of noon. I'm still in my pjs, braless and feel the need to fold my arms. The choice is to either tuck them under my arms or hold them up with my arms. I should have practiced in the mirror to see which looks better. It's probably dangerous to do housework without a bra on anyway. But I didn't want to get that all sweaty and stuff anyway since they cost like $50.

Mimi announces, "It's Katie!"

I said, "Tell her to come in. COME IN, KATIE!" She says, "I CAN'T." So I come to the door, half tucked in, half tucked out (can't hide 'em) and she points behind her. Down my three stairs is a BABY CARRIAGE with her new adopted baby girl! So I had to go outside and show the neighbors, that yes, I am a pink maniac with a beer gut that is actually boobs without support, but who cares? It was a cute little precious bundle of perfect girlishness! She was asleep and looking so sweet. Now I have an excuse to go out and buy a cute pink outfit which will happen next Saturday because this one was shot.

I sang happy songs as I cleaned my toilet (or maybe I swore to familiar tunes) and had a meeting at the high school with the "Productions Director" to counsel her on colors. Did I mention my Ali is playing Gertrude McFuzz in "Suessical the Musical"? So it looks like my Tuesday night will be spent painting or detailing or something.

Then I took Ali to try on prom dresses at my friend's house and she is going to wear a very princessy pink dress. Daughter's just shouldn't look that cute at 17, they should wait until they are closer to breeding age, like 25. Especially, when she has a friend that she's been dating for the last eight months and has only graduated to boyfriend status two weeks ago. And you know how long it takes boys to mature. He's a sweet boy, but can he really last that long? Maybe I'll go to prom with them. That will be the true test. He has passed other tests, like he actually sang karaoke with me. And when I blamed him for leaving Mimi's Littlest Pet Shop toys all over the living room he said he wasn't finished playing with them. So he's quick, too. Maybe I could adopt him and make it really awkward.

To end my day I read all my favorite blogs and left brilliant comments on each of them. This is my world and I think they were brilliant. If I didn't leave a brilliant comment on yours, then let me know and I will rectify that.

Which brings me to my next topic (don't fall asleep yet) is HOW THE HECK do some people have so many followers? I read one un-named blog (not on my sidebar) with a gazillion followers and it was all about how wonderful they were and calling the readers names, which won't be repeated. I don't get it. "'Cause I'm so great and all you %$#(# love my butt!" Basically. I kinda get sick of that and un-follow their cocky butts. 'Cause I consider myself a friend and not a fan of some puffed up ego. Maybe none of you have ever visited blogs like that before. One power outage and POOF! Your fans are gone but your friends are here to stay. So I hope you didn't mind me bragging about my droopy boobs earlier.


Leenie said...

Hehe. I guess it depends on the size of the cup as to whether it is dangerous to do housework braless. I personally think the girls deserve a day of freedom occasionally. Also hehe on singing happy songs while cleaning the toilet.

Exciting pink stuff! Pink baby, pink dress. And OH NO on the prom and the boyfriend.

I'm with you on the "How the Heck" on some blog followers. Better to have friends that hang in there like your boobies.

Saimi said...

Krista, OMGosh you had me cracking up!! That is so funny and so true about sagging boobies! Bravo for cleaning house with so much freedom!!

I love new babies, how lucky are you to now have a reason to shop pink!! Enjoy!!

I'm with ya on the followers. I haven't seen cocky blogs yet, but boy do some people have lots of followers.

I appreciate those who come on board and take the time to read and leave comments. It makes me feel like a friend has stopped by to visit. Bra or no Bra!

Lisa said...

Oh my criminy, I SO DO THAT WITH MY BOOBS! NEVER, ever sure where my folded arms should go. I've found they look gross either way. But I'm thinking with the effects of gravity, SURELY shoving them up is the way to go. What do you think?

And yes, you did leave me a brilliant comment...or two, three, four. You're always so good to me! :) Love you!

Nicole @ Chic and Cheap Nursery said...

LOL. I love the boobies thing! Now, I'm gonna look in the mirror tomorrow to see which one looks better because I do the exact some thing.

Congrats to your friend and her new baby. And please tell me how you manage to stay in your pjs until noon and get all that stuff done?

About the bloggers, I get what you are saying. I've been blogging for almost a year and I see how people have 1000+ followers and I have 300 (which is fantastic!).

And thank you so much for visiting me on my SITS day! I am your newest follower. I hope you'll come visit me again soon. said...

Hello cute Pink. It sounds like you keep yourself busy. I love that. I'm always braless at home.

I love you boarder, so dang cute.

Big Hugs

Melissa said...

hahahaha, seriously. Do I put them above my arms, or just tuck 'em back? Because we all know what an effort it is to actually put one on. Yay for your friend and for adoption, so so fun. And hooray for prom, I think you totally should go. He sounds adorable, I think an adoption is in order. That will keep your daughter for getting too anxious before 'breeding age,' now that they're siblings.

Yes, some bloggers have millions of minions, the only one I follow with lots and lots o' followers (I'm talking close to 1,000) is Supah-and she is a real-life doll, so I don't feel like so much of a notch on her belt :)

You are one of my all-time faves! Will you please move in next door? Then we can go outside in our pajamas with our arms folded at noon, and everyone will just think that is the cool thing to do.

DJ said...

I do not have that problem at all since I'm so tiny but it would be nice to try it for a while!!! You are so right about Ali!! She is so dang cute. I feel left out you didn't comment on my blog :-)

See Mom Smile said...

You are totally and completely awesome. Saggy boobs and all. I agree that daughters can't look hot until they are of breeding age. But it is too late for that here too. Sigh. We have a new adopted baby girl in our family. Now I can buy all the crap my girls out grew 10 years ago. I don't follow bloggers that love themselves too much and have potty mouths. I think some popluar blogs are just sheer luck. And who they are sleeping with of course.

Life With Dogs said...

Coming from a male - prop them up! LOL!

Your comments are always brilliant, I must concur. Now what is this unsavory site you speak of? :)

Krista said...

Well, Life With Dogs, it certainly isn't your site that is unsavory. Here you are still a humble, brilliant, genius of a writer and yet you still leave comments on my tiny little blog. And like the creatures you are passionate about, you are a true friend. There are several sites that are like that, believe it or not. Maybe I'll send you a direct link!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your post! hilarious! The whole boobies thing...dang boobs, always in the way! I just quickly throw a jacket on to cover them up. Disguises them so no one knows if they are in their proper position or hanging to my knees ;)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Let's start a droopy boob club! Only mine are incredibly small.How embarrassing. Dang weight loss!

Sometimes when I stumble acroos a blog with hundreds of readers, I'll think, oohh, this blog must be good! Then I read it and think, wow, how in the world did they find enough money to bribe people to "follow" you? I feel special that anyone even pays attention to mine at all!
Love your blog chica!!!

Cheeseboy said...

I oft wonder how some blogs get so many followers with their worthless drivel. Yours however, I wonder how it doesn't have MORE followers.

If your comments are as good as this post, you should post your comments.

Rock on jaded cool blogger! And you haven't followed me, nor do I expect you to, so I shant expect you to drop me.

Robin said...

Hey Krista...wished you lived closer cause you crack my socks off!! Okay, you'll have to read my lastest post...maybe I will be worthy of making your 'people who entertain me' list?!? LOL

Cheeseboy said...

Okay, these folks are right, you are a great, funny commenter. I am following you not in hopes of getting more comments, but because I want to freak out my buddies when they see a blog called "Shades of Blond" in my following list.

Anonymous said...

boobs without support...I can relate to that. Lots of fun pink stuff at your house!!

stop by my blog I just got my new grab button- hope you can grab one.

Whacky Wheelers said...

I am so NOT a morning person . . . and if I don't have to . . . I stay in PJ mode at least until noon! But MOST days are up and out of the house. Yuck! I agree with everyone else . . . the Sisters need days of freedom! Love, love, love your sense of humor . . . and your blog!

Karen said...

Are we speaking of the Katie that I know?

I love you obsession with pink, but what I love the most is your obsession with making me laugh.

I saw the pictures of your beautiful daughter tonight on facebook. She really does look like and angel.