Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Golden Child

Name: Alexandra Faye
Born: February 17, 1993
Weight: 8lb 3 oz.
Place of Birth: Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This is my very favorite picture of me and Ali
together. She looks like a little baby doll. I had made her little outfit which looks like an old-fashioned baby dress with pantaloons and an apron. The fabric actually has little polka dots on it. I always got so many compliments when she was wearing it because it brought out her blue eyes. She was a beautiful baby. I couldn't believe that I could be part of making a child so breathtakingly beautiful. This was winter so I would say she is about four months old.

This is her on her first birthday. Doesn't that look like fun to clean up. Actually, she was always really messy.

She would stuff her cheeks as full as they would go with food and then spit it all out and then eat the small, pre-chewed pieces. Now, she is a verminophobe. Don't even touch her roll to pass it to her or she won't eat it.

Her calling as a fashion model started young. This was at our house in Brissy (Brisbane - pronounced Briz-ben). She looks to be about two years old. We moved to the US when she was three.

It's a shame these photos fade with time. I'm going to become a pro at Photoshop soon, and restore them one day. This dress is actually a light blue and this was her Easter dress when she was eight years old. Her baby sister had a matching dress and they looked so darn precious together!

This is Ali at nine years old with her older cousins when we went back to visit Oz. They've all grown up to be beautiful young ladies. Imogen and Lizzie are both Uni students (that's Aussie for "university") and Ali is doing well in high school.

This is Ali when she was a blonde. It bothered her that her eyebrows were always darker than her hair, so she dyed her hair darker. Ask me if that slightly broke my heart. She was always my little blondie.

Here she is at age 17 with a cute, nice boy from her school on the night of the Preference Dance. Aren't they adorable. She still looks beautiful with dark hair and she is wearing the perfect color.

I think everyone should be lucky enough to have a daughter like Ali. She is so kind hearted, responsible, talented, smart. I never have to ask her to do her homework and she usually helps around the house if I ask her. She sings amazingly and will be in her high school musical as "Gertrude McFuzz" in "Suessical the Musical."

You know, as I was writing this I got a phone call from her and she had just gotten in a car accident. She is okay - her car not so much. Some one pulled out in front of her and they collided. She hurt her ankle, but it's not broken. How scary! I'm glad that her and the other teen (who JUST barely got her driver's license) are okay.
I just couldn't imagine if anything happened to my golden child.


Flea said...

What a sweet tribute to your daughter. She looks great with dark hair! And what on earth is a Preference Dance?

Kari said...

Life is full of experiences! She is such a beautiful girl/young woman. Glad she is ok!

Krista said...

Flea, Preference is a high school girl's choice semi-formal dance that they always have in February. Do you guys have Sadie Hawkins' Dance?

Leenie said...

Beautiful baby. Beautiful young lady. Makes it worth scrubbing down the high chair. So glad the fender-bender was only that. Still gets the adrenaline shooting through the veins. I thought Pref Dances were everywhere.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I LOVE the first picture, with you in long 80's hair (you always did have THEE best hair!) and her pinafore. Ah, that makes me want to go back in time for just a little while. She's beautiful. So are you.

See Mom Smile said...

I have one of those too. She is at college now. Those phone calls are scary. Sorry about the car. I will have my 3rd teenage driver this year. Heaven help me.

Nicole said...

I've been a little lost lately. But I am found again! (or at least for tonight) Been catching up on the going ons around here. Funny stuff, I tell ya!

And yes, Ali is a golden child. Want to share her?