Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Doppelganger

They had "doppelganger week" on Facebook. A doppelganger is a German word for any double or look-alike of a person. I couldn't think of anyone famous that I looked like. Famous people don't look like me. I'm just a nicely kempt motherly-looking person. I'm sure Pee Wee Herman could make me look like a million bucks. But I guess he's not really known as the "Sexiest Man Alive". Is he even a man? Ew-hew-hew. I just shuddered.

Finally, tonight I realized I do have a doppelganger! You know, when I changed my profile picture for Shades of Blonde, no one - not anyone even mentioned they noticed the change. At first I was a little insulted. It has just hit me now that I look freakishly like Barbie! I even have a tattoo on my butt that says Mattel! I quit wearing blue eye shadow years ago, but by golly - the resemblance is spooky! No wonder no one noticed.

It was fun seeing people post pictures on Facebook of famous people they have been told or thought they looked like. Some were not so accurate. Me, I'm stopped all the time and asked, "Are you Barbie?"

"No, but thanks. I have bendable knees and elbows and my head doesn't spin all the way around." Well, not on a good day, anyway.

But what Barbie and I do have in common is we both have pierced ears, bleached blonde hair, big chest (but mine are real), matching tattoos, accessories for every outfit and sometimes I lose my head. I know, you're wondering if my head is empty like hers, too. It is chockers full of good and intelligent thoughts!

I have to point out some other differences. She is quite a few years older than me, which reminds me of the next difference - I haven't had any plastic surgery. She looks 17 every year. I was trying to get away with being 29 and well, it wasn't working for me. Barbie wears false eyelashes. At one time it was just one big horizontal eyelash. I always wondered as a child if that was painful in anyway.

Another difference is my eyelids actually close and I'm going to go and close them right now in my Barbie dream bed with my Ken, who wears so much gel in his hair it looks plastic.


Just a bed of roses said...

Oh what fun...you ARE Barbie, MAYBE a chiropractor could help you out with head spinning all the way around.

Lisa said...

DO YOU SEE?!!! DO YOU SEE THAT I'M LEAVING A COMMENT...AND ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS...SO IT'S LIKE I'M SHOUTING FOR ALL THE WORLD TO HEAR THAT I AM A FOLLOWER OF SHADES OF BLONDE AND HAVE BEEN FOR MONTHS?!!! And YES, you do look like Barbie. And you're pretty. And I'm sucking up, but I'm sincere, because I HAVE known you since 1983 and thought you were gorgeous then...still do.

There. That ought to shut you up. :) :) :)

Nancy said...

The whole time I read this, that dang song, "I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world" wouldn't leave my head. Very funny.

Flea said...

Too funny! Yes! You do look like Barbie! That's so cool.

Bec Tipace said...

What the?? You changed your profile photo? xoxoxoxo

Karen said...

You know....I do see the resemblance. Maybe she is a long lost grandmother?

Kari said...

Barbie.....Krista....both 6 letters long....interesting.

I can't account for the Mattel tattoo (that's Jared's job) but I can account for how amazing Krista is! If Barbie is that amazing, then it's Barbie who's Doppelganger is Krista, not the other way around. :)

DJ said...

You do look like her!!! I am amazed at the resemblance. You are so dang cute and extremely funny. Not fair! Some people have it all.