Friday, August 15, 2008

Underwater World at Mooloolaba

We had a great opportunity to stay at our friends beach side vacation condo in Caloundra, which is up the coast. We shopped at the quaint little shops, ate fish and chips, enjoyed the view out the window, enjoyed some time with Adam & Fiona's family and froze our butts off!

We had to include a picture of the Happy Valley on the other side of the world, to compare to our little Happy Valley. This one looks a little more fun, eh?

Wednesday we went to a wonderful
place called Underwater World. It had amazing creatures from the ocean. I think they're amazing but I hate those freaky little monsters and they scare me to bits - and for this reason I stay far away from the deep blue ocean.

This was the entrance to the parking. It was pretty cool. We saw lots of fish, frogs, toads, sharks, stingrays, eels, crustaceans - sounds like a feast to me!

We saw fish like this:

I can't remember what kind of fish it is but he sure was purdee - in a freaky kind of way.

We also saw sea dragons, which are especially freaky. They look almost like a weird floating plant but with a seahorse kind of head.

They look like this weird little creature that is very rare. Can you see his funky little nose on the right bottom? Ew!

Here's another weird looking one.

Evil I'm telling you! Spooky, scary creatures! This is almost as bad as looking at bugs. These sea dragons reminded us of fairies in a way, the way they floated and moved with grace. I could almost think they were pretty - as long as they're behind glass.

Then there was the whole tunnel experience with the moving walkway with about 12 inches of acrylic between us and sharks, and stingrays, and sawfish, and groupers, and other scary beasts from the deep.
They were pretty interesting. Mimi was scared to death to see a shark and had to hold my hand the whole time. She must have grown an affinity towards them during our tunnel ride because she now has a stuffed animal who happens to be a shark. That's what life is about, overcoming fears. I'm still staying out of the ocean.

Here's a few views from the tunnel. Those stingrays have ugly faces.

This would be my offspring standing in the jaws of a shark. So dramatic, I don't know where they get it from.

Which reminds me, we went out for a bite to eat after our busy day. We had chicken.


Kari said...

Ok sister! You made it to Happy Valley! Woohoo! I have told people here, names omitted on purpose, that it is really cold there right now, and yet, they don't believe me. Thank you for supporting my statement!
Also, the top picture of the fish with all the spines is calleda lion fish. They are one of my favorites! I would love to go the the aquarium you went to! See, all you have to think about is that all the sharks and stingrays want to do is KISS you! You've heard of french kissing haven't you? They just take it a step further!
I'm also really glad that everyone was in their homes, or shopping, or at lunch, or whereever..when you were driving!! Remind me not to drive with you until you become acclimated to American driving again! lol
Enjoy your last week!! And don't kiss any sharks or stingrays!!!!

Christina said...

I think you ought to bring that sign back to post on the other side of Point of the Mountain. hehe Loved the cute pics - you all look like you're having a great time.

Karen said...

Nice....chicken. I like chicken? Just kidding. I didn't hear anything about tidal waves and tsunami's. Underwater World sounds amazing!! My kids would love a place like that.

JaMean said...

Ooooo!! I love the little sea dragons! Bring me back one!

Your kids look so happy in the shark mouth...especially Seth. My kids got a huge kick out of it!

Chaotic Di said...

Love ALL your pictures! And the fun time Sat night! The video "memories" were great! I'm glad you guys had a good time. The driving sounds scary! I'm so glad I wasn't walking around that town! I love your quirky sense of humor - it fits in with mine so well. hehe I'm sure you have a few more stories - I'd love to hear them all!