Sunday, August 3, 2008

Farewell Dear Friends

Our bags are packed, We're ready to go,
We're standing here outside our door......
So kiss me and smile for me, Tell me that you'll wait for me -

Just an old John Denver tune from long ago (before my time of course!) We haven't been able to sleep for the last couple of nights from excitement, running errands and hoping we've remembered everything. I've been like a head with my chicken cut off! It's very strange watching yourself run around and not being able to do a thing about it.

But Qantas is calling my name; with movies, meals and maid service. Sigh. Then I have to wake up to reality again.

I will miss you all and it will seem like a blink of an eye when we get back. Sorry we couldn't catch up before we left, but save a date when we come back!


Nicole said...

hey, I thought you were taking me with you!

Christina said...

Have a wonderful time, Krista! Kiss a kangaroo for me . . . or better yet, bring me one!

Gil said...

Not to worry! Der old Dad is holding down the fort for you. Have a wonderful time! (Do you think they'll notice that koala in your bag on the return trip?)

JaMean said...

Have a BLAST! Enjoy getting pampered. It doesn't happen nearly enough! :)

Since everyone has something they want you to do while you are there, bring me back a hot Australian guy to cook for me. Or Marcos Ambrose if he's back home for some reason!!!