Saturday, July 12, 2008

While Hubby's Away.......

Here is the top ten advantages of hubby going on a business trip:

10. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
9. I only have to make half the bed.
8. No one is disappointed when I don't make a gourmet dinner, again.
7. I get the bathroom all to myself. The toilet is cleaner.
6. I can drive either car and use up all his gas instead of mine.
5. I get his undivided attention when he phones.
4. I can sleep in and not feel guilty, because he won't know what time I actually got up.
3. I don't have to have the house spotless (because it is every day!)
2. He doesn't know that I've been shopping. He may not go out of town ever again.
1. There's only one person with flatulence in the house (that would be my son.)

But I do miss him......kinda. Okay, really. Please refer to #1 above.


Nicole said...

there has been a rash of out of town hubbys as of late! mine came home...and it only took us one night to get back into the normal routine. sitting next to each other on the bed, each with our own laptop, sending each other IM's that say "I Love You"

yea, we're geeks!

Karen said...

I love the new "pink" layout!! What have you been shopping for girl? I know, my husband out of town without me is my least favorite "have to." Yes, even over wiping butts. :)

Gil said...

I have every intention of 'ratting you out' to Jared for being such a lazy bones (still asleep at 1:07pm)! LOL ... like I'll remember it until the end of the month! (I finally got it RIGHT!)


Krista said...

That's nothing compared to how much I've spent! And the week's not over! ;)

Andria said...

Thanks for your top 10 list. Nicole sent it to me because my husband is gone until December. :( But your list cheered me up!

Andria said...
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