Friday, July 18, 2008

Pork Chopsh and Appleshaushe

Yesterday I woke up to Mimi wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt with Bobby Jack the monkey's face in rhinestones on the front. She had on jeans that she had folded just below the knee that created one giant cuff that covered most of her thigh. Instead of her flip flops she had tennis shoes with socks. On her head she wore Seth's red T-shirt sleeve that he tore off. She cut the edges so it created little curls on the end. She decided she was going to be a tomboy now that she looked the part.

She told me she likes sports. I told her you don't have to be a tomboy to like sports. "I know, but I'm still a tomboy, " she says. "Is dancing a sport?" I said yes. "I like ballet and hip hop" she announces, while attempting a combination of both. She looked quite"special" and that's the only way I can explain that. If you remember the "Solid Gold" dancers, she danced like that but on steroids.

Then she asked "Is hula hooping a sport?" I said, "Sure." " 'Cause I love hula hooping!" she said. Actually, everything she says ends in an exclamation point. I was wondering what I was going to do with all the pink clothes, accessories, bedding, etc. My baby has gone to the dark side.

This identity crisis reminded me of Peter Brady (Brady Bunch) when he had his identity crisis. He would experiment with different characters and he acted like Humphrey Bogart saying, "Pork chopsh and appleshaushe." I love that episode.

So I had this little talk about being yourself and not changing who you are, cause we love Mimi just like she is. By the end of the day she was our little pink dictator - I mean princess again. Then she was asking about getting a puppy. Her words were pouring out of her like.....Niagra Falls. I said, "Mimi. Quit talking so much." Her reply, "Then I would change who I am!"


Karen said...

Mimi, Mimi, Mimi! That girl cracks me up. Did you get pictures of that?

Poppy said...

I hope Mimi never changes. She's SUCH a delight!!

Gil said...

This child is quite obviously BRILLIANT! But, she has amazing genes on both sides of her family, so there's no real surprise there. What kind of puppy are you going to get her? Knowing how well Jared likes dogs ... should I bring batteries for it?