Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love Bursts

Last night, Mimi came out and sat right next to me so our BOBs (Big Ol' Butts) were touching. She still, at age 8, likes to sit as close as she can, since she's outgrown our laps. I noticed her nose and eyes were red, as if she was crying. I couldn't think of any reason why she would be crying, she didn't get in trouble or anything. She was just in her room cleaning it. I guess sometimes I cry when I have to clean, too.

I said as I touched her nose, "You have a red nose."

She looked at me and said, "That's because I've been crying."

I said, "Why have you been crying?"

"'Cause I was thinking about Lauren and what a good friend she is and how we'll always be best friends and it made me cry." She experienced her first "love burst."

Quite a few years ago, The Link Between Ape and Man - I mean Jared - and I would call each other up and say,"I was just thinking of you and I had this overwhelming burst of love for you." Then we started calling them "love bursts." I'm sure you have felt love bursts for others, too. They start in your toes and wrinkle your nose.....well, maybe for some people. But it's when you think about someone and you find yourself smiling. Then it makes you feel grateful that you have a friend or spouse like them. But it seems really weird to call up your friend and say, "I love you, man." They might think you swing the other way. It's kind of a shame we can't always express ourselves, but I can tell friends I had a love burst for them.

When children love each other as good friends, they hold hands as they run and play. Sometimes they invade other's spaces a little too much until the other child is crying, "Quit hugging me!" They eventually grow out of it. Except maybe Frankie. 'bout telling your BFF how much they're appreciated next time you have a love burst. Jared and I still call each other or text "love burst!"


Karen said...

I love you, Man!! No seriously, more like family than even BFF's. Infact there are times I could swear that we are. What am I going to do for threeeeeeeeeeeee looooooong weeeeeeeeeks? Seriously, what about my cheese and whine? Or my monthly dose of getting chocolate faced? Retail therapy? Ugh!

Really it isn't all about me. I hope you have a fabulous time and I'll still love ya when you get back. :)

Krista said...

I love you too man!! I'll hopefully be able to keep up my blog from there and e-mail. I could give you an emergency contact number....bring some Aussie chockie back. Get chocolate faced, sing karaoke til we're saying,"I love you, man" like we're intoxicated from chocolate.

Anonymous said...

That is tooo sweet that Jared and you txt each other little love burst... Adam will txt me 'your hot' or 'sexy thing'... I should reply 'not tonight'...
Can't wait to see you!