Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Holey Hairspray!

I've had blogger's block. Only a few more days and we'll be on that Qantas airplane to Oz. Hopefully, there won't be any holes blowing out in the fuselage. I wonder if I should bring my can of hairspray with me or if there's a possibility of it exploding. Now I'm wondering if it is worth risking the lives of hundreds of passengers all in the name of vanity. I think it's a risk I must take. I don't think they have strong enough hairspray to hold my do in place there in Oz. With such a complicated, sophisticated style only a few hairsprays can conquer! I know darn well there will be other passengers with explosive toiletries in their bags!

One thing I love about flying internationally is you get to watch movies, get served food, watch another movie, get served drinks, watch another movie, get served a snack. I really like being served! I could totally get used to having a maid. One day.

We flew Japan Airlines on the way to USA when we immigrated. Well, I didn't immigrate, I was a citizen. Ali was three years old at the time and this cute little Japanese grandpa folded origami animals for her. He didn't speak English and she was still learning the language but it didn't matter. A smile is the same in every language and they were new friends. It helped that she had blonde hair and blue eyes and had the sweetest disposition. They just sat together and smiled at each other. Ali still talked to him and didn't realize he didn't understand a word she said.

The flight attendants took her for a walk around the plane and gave her a children's pack with little toys. If you've never flown JAL their customer service is amazing. Their flight attendants look like Japanese models and were the prettiest I've seen in my career of traveling. Sad for Seth because he had blonde hair and brown eyes and didn't get as much attention. He was "five and a hawf" as he would say with his Aussie accent. Now he's almost 18 and I'm sure he'll get more attention from the flight attendants than Ali this time. He's grown up to be quite a handsome man and looks older than he is, so I'm just going to hold his hand everywhere we go. Okay, that's a bit weird. I'll just keep announcing his age when I introduce him.

Back to the airplane ride, where I will be served my breakfast, lunch and dinner (and did I mention the warm, moist towels they give you to wipe your face in the morning?) and watch movies......sigh. I'm already there. Hairspray and all.


Anonymous said...

You know the freeze spray might not be so bad. It freezes your hair in place so strongly that you would probably be more apt to BREAK a lock of hair, than bend it! Of course, that would be interesting getting off the plane, "Hellooo, (big smile). Don't mind the hair. It's the latest craze in America! Freeze Spray!" The look of shock will tell you they love it! (don't pay any attention to the snickering)
By the way, I still want to go with you!

JaMean said...

You are the funniest lady EVER! Just take some Aussie "Instant Freeze." (in travel size of course.) They cannot say anything to you, because it says Aussie on it!!! :) And it has a "no worries guarantee" right there on the front! So, your hot mama hairdo will look radiant!!

So, add some Roo to your do!! :)

Karen said...

"No hairspray for you!" Yeah, I don't want to hear any rumors of you getting kicked off your flight for "weapons".