Monday, July 14, 2008


I noticed one of the options on the personality test I took (which was very accurate) you could take a free IQ test. I wanted to see where I stood compared to Einstein and my 17 year old.

It starts out asking some intelligent questions, to which I knew most of the answers. Then in the middle of the questions it asks if you're interested in a cruise, winning a free dinner, refinancing your house, etc. A little marketing tactic. Then I finish the test and it says to see your score you must choose from the following options and check the boxes of your interests. So of course, I check that I'm not interested in any of the options. Then it says that I have to check at least one box to continue. Then I realize I'm not very smart at all because I'm desperate to find out my IQ score so I check that I'm interested in winning a $500 credit card, a cruise and plastic surgery.

Finally, after pages and pages of options of interests I get my score. I got a whopping 127. I was very excited to get my score except I didn't know what 127 meant. So I had to look it up on Wikipedia. This is what I found: First answer, are you interested in a second mortgage?

That score, 127, means that I am smarter than the average blonde! The IQ test is based on the bell curve. I hate that system! The highest it went to was 145. Average is 100. I just hope the Lord doesn't grade us on the bell curve system. (Then it would be called Hell curve.)

I was an honor student in high school, when my hair was still it's natural color. (To find out my natural hair color first answer if you are interested in getting a degree in phlebotomy.) After report card time other students would ask each other what their grade point average was. (4.0 being the highest, for my foreign readers.) I would answer 3.8, 4.0.....whatever it was at the time and some would say, "I didn't know you were smart." They were just confused because usually intelligence and beauty didn't go together.

So now, when people discover how smart I am (and they start expecting too much out of me) I know that it's definitely time to get my roots touched up. Except, a lot of them are gray, which is actually another shade of blonde. I not only have blonde moments, but senior moments too. It's much more fun in my world. I can blame my age or hair color for my senility.

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Anonymous said...

We all know your very intelligent! You're one of the smartest people I know - and definitely the funniest!