Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing Up

My baby turned ten. I was really kind of sad about it on her birthday last Thursday. We spent the day together, shopping, getting her hair cut, getting party supplies, buying a "Build-a-Bear" knock-off. (It's the only thing close by.) Her two birthday parties stirred some other emotions, like homicidal tendencies.

We decided to have an "Alice in Wonderland" party and everyone was to wear a crazy hat. Nine crazy kids came to celebrate. Mimi went into show-off mode and it left me wondering how she had friends. Why do kids do that? They are like obnoxious drunks who can't do enough to try to get people to laugh.

Here's our "Tea Party." I actually found gummy mushrooms which I laid on the table for decorations. I searched high and low for these little bottles.

The kids watched "Alice in Wonderland" (the new one). They squeaked balloons until I almost went bizerk and ran in there like a mad woman, popping every balloon. I actually had a visual of this and imagined the looks on the kids' faces. I thought of the rumors; "Mimi's mom is just like the Mad Hatter." This is her cousin, Bryson. They are only a year apart.The day after her birthday, Mimi said, "We need to go to Wal-mart."

"What for?" I ask.

"I need a bra," she announces.

"No you don't," I said in a laugh.

"Yes, I do, too! You said as soon as my nipples start sticking out, that's when I need a bra!"

"I don't think you're nipples are sticking out," I said.

"Yes, even look!" she argued. Then she takes the neck of her T-shirt and stretches it over her chest to expose.....nothing. "See, it's starting to stick out." I'm telling you, it was smaller than a mosquito bite. Smaller than the zit on my forehead - which could definitely use a bra.

I could never imagine doing that in front of my mom. I think she just started buying me bras. I would have been embarrassed to attract any attention to that area of my body. Now, buying a bra is like buying shoes. The "Bra Fitting Specialist" goes in the dressing room to make sure it is adjusted right and the right size.
I went to a "specialty" store and after the lady came to check on me she turned and announced she would go get a bigger bra and announces my cup size loud enough for the entire little shop to hear. When I came out, ready for my purchase, my husband was sitting there with a smirk on his face. Then he says like a teenage boy in a locker room, "Bigger bra, huh?" He was so proud of my hard efforts of growing fat cells on my chest.


Holly said...

Hmmm... Sounds like good reasons NOT to do a kid's party!! LOL!!

I was one of those that developed too much too soon! 4th grade and JP was in love with ME!! Then JF started developing and he DUMPED me for the NEW VERSION!! ?? WHATEVER!!! ;p NOW... Well... if I could share with some of my less endowed sista's... I GLADLY WOULD! *sigh* (((HUGS)))

bingham 5 said...

I had to buy my daughter her first bra at 10 - she was mortified!

Donda said...

My daughter is nine and doesn't need a bra but she wanted one. I decided to go ahead and get her some since they look more like bathing suit tops at that size. It totally eliminates that awkward, self-conscious period when you first start wearing a bra!

Leenie said...

Well, just good for you to do the mom thing and put together a fun party for your baby. It looks like a memorable occasion in so many ways.

Attitudes have certainly changed about underwear. And a lady with a tape measure is to be avoided at all costs in my book. "Attention all customers. This sorry lady right here will never fit into this pair of pants she chose off the rack. Please see if there is a size bigger in the back!"

Saimi said...

What a great party, but boy do you have your hands full with that little Mimi!

Cheeseboy said...

What a great idea for a party. I realize more and more that we are such boring parents.

Together We Save said...

Buying a bra is live buying socks or jeans to my girls, well not really cause they want to to be buying a bigger size bra. LOL I can only imagine your husband's reaction when he heard the sales lady announce your need for a bigger size. LOL

Lisa said...

So proud of your fat cell boobs? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh. My. Crap. you slay me! And about the 10 year old show off mode? Um, yeah. What the H? I'm ALWAYS surprised my daughter has friends when they come over and I hear her or watch her. I usually have to walk away, I'm just embarrassed to even be there to witness it.

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

Totally can see you popping all the balloons. I love the hat idea!

Alyna @ Better Your Blog said...

Oh MY! I started reading about a birthday party and ended with the funniest bra story!!! Laughing out loud here...literally!

I think you did an awesome job with Mimi's birthday. What fun!

Yeah, guys and bras. I'm impressed he went with you! My boyfriend wanted to get a move on to the beach the other day (after sleeping in!) and says, "We can just buy you a new bathing suit on the way! (instead of swinging by my house for one of the five suits I already own...buying a bathing suit is like buying a bra...it takes time! You have to get the right fit. Aye-yi-yi...stopping to buy one would NOT have been faster.

Phew...longest comment ever!

Anyway, I read your comment over on another blog about your reluctance to vlog...you should do it! Love your blog and I think you would be fantastic. Do it in your PJs if you had to and make sure the camera is aimed at your face and your good to go! :-)

~ Alyna

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...


I love the cake that said EatME!

I'm sorta glad I'm not having to do the training bra-let's have that talk thing.
Just sayin'

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Happy birthday! How cute is that!

Lisa said...

Um. Hello? Where ARE you? Miss reading you. Get on that, will you?

Krista said...

As you wish Lisa! Holly - Guys were so shallow. What do you expect when they are at that height until 9th grade? It's all they know!

Camie Rae said...

Um you're my new favorite. You crack me up! For real, I'm laughing out loud here. Thanks...I'll be stalking...

Bec Tipace said...

Krista, I'm that crazy mum who goes in there and pops all the balloons!!!! I HATE balloons, especially the free promo ones they give you at the shops - the kids want them for 2 minutes then they want you to hold them, you can't throw it away that causes a tantrum, one day when jacob was a toddler I was given 2 balloons 1 for each child who promptly didn't want them after 2 minutes so I stuck the sticks down each side of the pram, I was in a hurry trying to run errands at shops to then get somewhere else, kids crying and festy, baby now trying to climb out of pram to grab balloon which keeps bobbing in my way, baby nearly falls out of pram, I'd had enough, I stop grab the balloons and one at a time squeeze until they pop!!!!!!!! The echo was mammoth in the middle of Chermside Shopping center, one nearby mother gasped in shock and hovered protectively over over child from this mad crazy woman, so many people stopped and stared!!!! The kids now know mummy hates balloons and don't ever ask for one LOL. (sorry for long comment, it just made me remember and not feel so bad that you might want to do the same thing LOL) Love you.