Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Five Things

Diane at Contentedly Neurotic tagged me with this meme. I love the name of Diane's blog. I was thinking of naming my blog something similar, like "Delightfully Disturbed," "Satisfiably Psychotic" or "Medicated Zombie." What do you think? I just googled a thesaurus and another word for "content" is "fat dumb and happy." I kid you not! I figured I may have to change the name of my blog in a few years, anyway, to "Shades of Gray" or maybe "Postcards from the Asylum." Meme's are great when you lack material to blog about, not in the mood, or too busy to think - which is me (too busy to think). Here we go:

1. Where were you five years ago?

We were in the process of selling our house and building the house we are in now. We lived in a two bedroom apartment because they didn't have any three bedroom apartments left in the complex. I just realized we must have spent Christmas there and I can't remember it at all. It must've been traumatic. We put the two girls in the bedroom and had Seth sleeping in the room that was supposed to be the dining room. In the kitchen you couldn't swing a dead cat or you'd hit all three walls. There were boxes everywhere and wall to wall stuff that didn't fit in our storage unit. Traumatic.

2. Where would you like to be in five years? Right here in my same neighborhood. Moving was a big job and I hope to never do it again. Not until I'm wearing a night gown all day and can't remember my name. Financially stable would be a good place to be.

3. What is on your to do list? This is my night off, so there's not much I want to do. So I'll take this as on my bucket list: Go to Africa and South America so I can say I've been to six of the seven continents. We're thinking an Amazon cruise would be fun. Is there much shopping in Africa? Maybe Morocco or Egypt, that's still Africa. In case you're wondering about the seventh continent - I have no desire to go to Antarctica - maybe when global warming settles a little more.

4. What are five snacks that you enjoy? Chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies. Nuts. Smoked Mussels. Cheesecake.

5. What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire? You know, that's a lot of money. I'd even settle for one million. 1. Buy my dream house in my same neighborhood, completely finished and furnished to my "groovy" style. Landscape finished. Nothing for hubby to do except fan me. 2. Buy houses for my dad, brother, sister, mom, Jared's parents and put money aside for the kids to buy houses. 3. So we're still talking a billion, right. Buy a condo in Australia so we have a place of our own to stay at and visit whenever we want without putting anyone out. 4. Hire a housekeeper, like Alice on the Brady Bunch. One that speaks English would be great. And if she knows how to cook low fat meals, do deep tissue massage and is a personal trainer that would be a surety in getting the job. 5. Open an affordable older folks home for older folks who want to continue living and having fun while they do it. My mom would tell me there needs to be a "no complaining zone." Her words would be a little different than mine (mine would just be under my breath). Wait - there's more! I still have leftover money! Lots of it! Bwahahaha! I'd be a student forever! I'd go to Disneyland! I'd travel the world! I'd get liposuction! I'd have a royal butt wiper! I'd buy a cabin in the woods! A boob reduction.....trust funds.....peace on earth good will to men!

Ooops! I forgot to tag five people:

Lisa at Blue and Shoe because I just love that girl!

Pearl at I Has No Booty because she has already spent a million dollars in her last post. Now she has more to spend!

Linda at See Mom Smile cause she always makes me smile (and laugh hard!)

Serene at Serene Is My Name, Not My Life because she is so darn cute!

Kyann at Sanity Is Overrated because she is so right about sanity.

All of these women are humorous and I am an avid follower of all of them. And with my billion dollars we're all going on a Disney cruise! Dreaming again....going to bed now!


Leenie said...

Postcards from the Asylum is great, but Shades of Blonde will probably still work even when you and I are wearing nightgowns all day. I'm with you on Antarctia and Chocolate. Maybe some day when I'm in the neighborhood--I go to South Weber often--we'll have to get together and laugh. Stay a student, even when you run out of all that cash.

Nancy said...

I love "shades of gray" -- yes, not too many years from now we probably will be thinking how it seemed like yesterday that we were young bloggers and now we are old and reminiscing about days of yore. Funny.

And yah, a HOUSEKEEPER!!! Wouldn't that be a dream come true, and yes a cook too. I always lament that I would eat healthy if I had a cook -- who wouldn't if someone would do all the prep and make it delicious . . . with out that you just have to pop in a toaster strudel and eat some Ruffles dipped in ranch.

Gil said...

Three words: Erma Bombeck II! You are toooooooo funny!

Just a bed of roses said...

Glad you stayed with the Billionaire status, see how fast your million ran out!
Very funny~

Anonymous said...

Awww...I'm so flattered that you mentioned me! Seriously!

I wish I could be a perpetual student too! Oh and do you think you could share your Alice with me? I forgot that a housekeeper/maid/babysitter would come in handy.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ah shucks. I think I might actually be blushing!

Boob reduction? Seriously? Dang girl, share the wealth! :)

P.S. My VW words is "reasts" Just wondering where the letter "b" went?

Lisa said...

Is there something special I'm supposed to do to reply? Like do I copy and paste anything, or just simply "rewrite" all of the questions? I know I link back to you, but hell, I'm completely regressive with some of this stuff. Teach me, oh master.

Teachinfourth said...

Traveling would be fun. I almost went to Africa to work a summer at a deaf school in Kenya, but it turned out that I couldn't go with my Master's degree schooling. I'd love to actually go there, and to England as well.

Cheesecake…enough said.

Kari said...

I would buy an island, travel and disappear with my husband for months at a time! WOOHOO!

Diane J. said...

I'm liking Delightfully Disturbed, hee, hee, hee.

Why didn't I think of a Housekeeper...oh right, all those years of my husband calling home asking if I needed him to pick up anything on his way home. I asked every flippin' time "Can you get Mary Poppins?" Some husband he turned out to be, he never found her. HUMPH! But as a billionaire I could buy her, oooohhhhh.... Oh sorry, I got lost in my dream.

Love your humor.
From the Fat, Dumb, and Happy Neurotic (I'm laughing my rear off at that)