Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dog Food Reviews

It's been a whole week since I last posted. Since it's "Oh My Heck Wednesday" I thought I would share a funny little story with you.

Mimi was opening a can of dog food, you know, the kind that you pull the ring on the top. As the lid snapped off the can a chunk went flying into the air and landed right in her mouth. She shouted, "Ew! A chunk got in my mouth!" Then she smacked her lips a couple of times and said, "Mmm. Not bad."

My experience with dog food was when I was just her age - fourth grade. We lived in North Carolina and we had a golden mutt that we named Thai. As in Thailand - that's where my dad was at the time on TDY for the Air Force. I borrowed a book about dog species from the school library and my five year old brother and I looked through the book, studying all the species and trying to find out just what kind of dog Thai was.

Page by page, getting distracted by all the species, the big ones, the tiny ones, the fluffy ones and then we found it. We were convinced that Thai was a genuine Dingo from Australia. We told all of our friends that Thai was a Dingo. This was about 1975 when most Americans didn't even know what language they spoke in Australia, and a few years before the movie Grease and way before Crocodile Dundee.
I remember pouring Thai some dried dog nuggets and I wondered what they tasted like, so I threw a nugget in my mouth and started crunching away. I then spat it out almost as quickly as it went in. Why did Thai get so excited to eat petrified poop? I don't think I had ever tasted poop before to my knowledge, but it tasted exactly like the smell of poop. I lost a little respect in my dog that day, but it faded quickly. I never touched his food again. Or any other dog's food, for that matter. When it comes to good food, how can you trust a species that identifies others by the smell of their butt holes?


Just a bed of roses said...

Hey whats going on around here?

do I need to make your daughter an appt. for a tetnus shot now?

dog food IS putrid...or pee u trid.

Leenie said...

LOL! It makes you wonder. Food that smells like something they like--other's behinds. But, then, I've seen people eat food that smelled that way...on purpose. Think I'd take dried dog food over camembert cheese.

Saimi said...

Hahaha! You got that right sista!
Next to feeding time, my Miniture Schnauzer will do anything to have a 'cookie' Now I've never tasted a doggie biscuit but according to him they are the best thing in the world.

I can't even imagine canned dog food being tasty, makes me want to throw up just thinking about a piece landing in Mimi's mouth.

Lisa said...

Thus, the connection to petrified poop. Ahahaha! You're funny.

Anonymous said...

EEEEWWWWW! Gross! My little sister used to eat dog food all. the. time. Maybe that's why she turned out so weird....

Nancy said...

I love that you lost a little respect for your dog the day you tasted his dog food. Heehee. Although, to their credit, I imagine if we fed them steak and buttery rolls, they'd probably start turning their noses up at dog food as well.

See Mom Smile said...

I can't stand the smell of canned dog food. My dog is not that lucky. He gets the dried variety. Love the pic of the gormet dog meal. We eat on paper. The dog would be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

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#1 What did your husband get for you or do for you on Mother's Day?

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4# What is your personal policy on posts from anonymous folks, like me? Do you automatically dismiss commentary or questions from the anonymous? If so, why?

I have written a number of comments and/or questions in response to your posts without as much as a whisper in reply. Why?

Being a frequent contributor and visitor to many, many blogs, I find that 99% of bloggers openly post comments and questions from the anonymous and openly reply. This is clearly not your mode of operation. You must be that remaining 1%.

I can only assume I will not see a peep from you with regard to any of the above questions. Very peculiar indeed. Why?

Bill Lisleman said...

first time here so cut me some slack
Your last line could be turned into a tag line for the dog food.
smells like a butt hole
I was in the USAF for 10 years and stationed at Seymour Johnson NC for a good part of it.
I'll assume your dad's Air Force career didn't rub off and get you to join. Mine didn't inspire any of my kids.

Cluttered Brain said...


i agree. How can you trust an animal that likes to eat their food when it smells like a bum hole?

Was it wet dog food?
GROSS! :P Blah.
Remind me NEVER to use the bathroom with you in public. LOL.