Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guess What I Found?

Not my sanity, but thanks for asking. Some things are better lost. I'm at home sick from work today. Not sick of work, I love it there. It's just that I answer the phones and I have absolutely no voice - barely a squeak and I have a coughing fit about every two minutes. I'm sure as much as they miss me at work, they are glad they aren't going to catch my germs. I wanted to post a picture to describe how ugly I looked this morning after coughing the entire night:

I hate getting photos taken when I don't have my make up on.
What the heck is that anyway? A dog-rat mixed with a demon?
I think I may have coughed that up, actually.

I've been spending some spare time on Facebook, catching up with old friends. A lot of people have been posting pictures from long ago calling it "Way Back Week." So I just had to post this picture from third grade. This is when my nickname was "Bucky Beaver". It's kind of sad, really, that and yellow has never been my color. Nothing like a homemade haircut ala Mom! What can I say? I had to fight the boys off from an early age.

So, back to what I found besides old photos. I decided to check out some other people's blogs by clicking on the "Next Blog" button at the top of the screen. There were some very interesting blogs, some cute blogs, some family oriented blogs and even a couple of spooky blogs. I FOUND I had something in common with almost all of them: I haven't been overly consistent in keeping up my blog. Almost all of them had an apology for not writing before their most recent entry. I thought it was just me having Blogger's block. The truth is sometimes you just don't have time or anything blog worthy.
We can just hope that the future looks better.


DJ said...

I think your life is very blog worthy. You are so beautiful in the last picture and more so now! I don't think I cared to much about my appearance when I was younger. The teeth are endearing too!

Robin said...

Oh you silly, silly girl. I wish I had some photo's of us at the MTC. I probably do so...beware!
You need to check out my blog. I kinda like doing this journaling thing. Hope to hear from you soon.

Lisa said...

Holy crap! That is the funniest picture of what you "might have coughed up" that I've ever seen! Brilliant! And I'm sitting here blogging, looking EXACTLY as you might have, but I'm not sick and dying. Which makes me feel "less than."

Nancy said...

Well, lovely lovely to see that there was a new blog post from you. I'll tell you what though, if that creature you posted is not somehow a spawn of Satan then I don't know what it is. Shudder!!! (You on the other hand look like a small little angel in your pics -- oh the contrast of this devils and angels post).

Fiona said...

Hot Mumma!!

Flea said...

Well that last one's a pretty picture. And if you coughed the first one out of your lung, STAY AWAY FROM ME.

Gil said...

You have discovered the ugliest dog in the universe! It IS undoubtedly the Puppy From Hell.
And you were ALWAYS beautiful.