Sunday, August 16, 2009

30% Of Life

I walk by the boys bathroom and I hear a loud belch. I try not to giggle. Then there's the boy who is peeking around the wall and when he sees me he disappears behind it. Then there's the table of workers when a lone worker stands up quickly and rolls his fists around each other doing a disco move and sits back down unnoticed, but I noticed. And I laugh unnoticed because I'm not used to seeing people doing such random things. Well, in the real world anyway.

Then there was a girl who started a fight with another girl because she held the door open because she was new.......and didn't know who the boss of the door was. Another girl was reminded to give people their personal space.

Then there's this boy that asks me every time I see him if I like him......followed by "I'm going to watch you in that movie on Friday. This many times!" and holds up a couple of fingers. "You won't forget me now, will you?" He thinks I look like an old time western television star. I look nothing like her.....not even a little bit.

There's a girl walking down the hall with her arms folded and her bottom lip sticking out, pouting, and another who lets out a blood curdling scream because she is having a temper tantrum.

A boy came up to me and showed me his certificate that he earned for perfect attendance. Another boy showed me his certificate for "Employee of the Month." A girl told me she was absent yesterday because she was throwing up and had "dia-wee-ah."

It sounds like a typical day in kindergarten, but this is my workplace with adults with disabilities. I love it. So when I skip down the hall trying to make our HR Manager laugh, I just fit in.


Chief said...

Hi, been a lurker for a while.

This post struck a chord. What a wonderful place to work! I too, work with the disabled (children) and I love them!

Mind if I stick around publicly now?

DJ said...

That's awesome! What a fun job. I miss my brother who passed away who was much like that. Random belches and his love for candy canes and ice cubes (crunching them). I'm glad you are back from retirement so I can get a few comments on my blog occasionally!! Love ya Krista.

Nancy said...

I love that you can just enjoy these people and find the humor in things like the disco move. SO many people are too uncomfortable or nervous to just let them be their own little selves and take them as they are.

* said...

This is hilarious! I can't believe your brilliance, your wit. This post should have 1,001 comments. Can I go to work with you one day?? Please?

Gil said...

You have been gone entirely too long, and I (and your thousands of other fans) have missed you.
I have known you all your life, and if there was ever anybody who could work with the developmentally disabled and feel totally at ease, it is YOU!
It's so nice to see you here again!

Nate and Sarah said...

Hahaha wow, never a dull moment for you! I bet you love going to work every day. That is so awesome. You are such a funny person, I am sure every one of them absolutely adore you.

Flea said...

Sounds like you work in a wonderful place. I'd love to be able to send my patients to volunteer with you for a week or so.

Chaotic Di said...

You funny lady!

Karen said...

Loved this post too. I think it could be a song. What beautiful rhythm it has. (Both your day and your words.)

Fiona said...

This is excellent... makes me want to work for disability services!!