Monday, September 15, 2008

It's All about Meme!

My BFF Karen tagged me with this Meme. Since my last post was titled "Duh" and was actually one of the few serious entries I had, I thought I better have something else to meet any curious visitors. You know what they say about the company you keep, so I don't want to embarrass her. Well, I guess it's not too late yet.

1. Where were you 10 years ago?

Ten years ago we had moved into our first house in the USA. I was having fun decorating and getting to know new neighbors, who some have remained on the list of friends to this day. Especially my BFF!

2. What's on your to do list today?

I have accomplished my to do list today. I stayed awake all day! And I also exercised, turned in a job application AND did grocery shopping! I forgot to mention I did six loads of laundry! I think an alien took over my body. I just need a Stepford Wife dress and I'll be good to go!

3. What if you were a Billionaire?

I'd be rich! I would get out of debt, put money in a trust for my kids, buy a vacation home in Australia, travel to Africa and South America so I can say I've been to every continent except Antarctica. No desire to go there - I hate the cold! I would like to be a philanthropist.

4. Name five places you have lived:

This is how I categorize my memories as to which state I lived in at the time.

1. Mississippi - where I spent 1st and 2nd grade. We played in the woods and caught frogs.

2. Florida - 3rd grade where I learned to set a booby trap and thought I would be able to teach frogs how to dance (like on the old Hannah/Barberra cartoons) and they would be famous. Freddy and Freida Frog. Also my friendship with Frankie (who had more Barbies and a much better Barbie wardrobe than I did) started here.

3. Utah - I went to half of 4th until 7th grade and came back for high school. High school was a very memorable time with many life changing experiences that changed my life forever. Most of the experiences were good!

4. London, England - My experiences from high school led me to go to England for humanitarian services. I lived there for 18 months and this was a "Life School" for me. I've never known so many crazy people in my life! I got serenaded on a bus (very embarrassing), propositioned from a guy who thought he was Prince Charming who asked me to try on a feathered high heel he carried around in a paper bag, and had to control my laughter more than ever in my life. Laughter control I should have listed as a bad habit. I also met the man I married there.

5. Brisbane, Australia - I lived there for seven years with my Aussie husband, became a dual citizen and had two Aussie kids. Now we're all dual citizens which I call us Yaussies - half Yank, half Aussie.

5. What are three bad habits you have?

1. Gosh, it's really hard to think of three.....that I can publish anyway. Well, there's this one that's considered a bad habit by some, but I consider it a talent. If you are my good friend, you know what it is!

2. Another bad habit (or talent) is I am totally addicted to Sudoku and word puzzles. Not crosswords, but others (Logic, Places Please, etc.) Sometimes I start them at 11 pm and lose track of time and then notice it's 2 am! Usually, I stop because my hand protests and I pay for it the next day.

3. Sometimes I go into too much detail when I verbally tell a story and put people to sleep. And I wonder where Mimi gets it. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz! I love blogging for that reason. I can get my thoughts together before spitting them out.

4. Sometimes the "D" or "H" word comes out. Please note my disclaimer: They are not swear words in Australia! At least I didn't say them in Sunday School like my husband! Oh, was I only supposed to name three? I guess I got on a roll!

6. What kind of snack do you like?

I LOVE whole natural almonds and occasionally chocolate. I crave protein more than sweets ever since I had the beast within me removed in June.

7. Who will you tag next?

My Dad
Kangaroo Rodeo


Karen said...

Ok, that was fun! I love the "I'd be rich!"

Nicole said...

Hey! I gave you an award over at my blog.