Thursday, September 4, 2008

Have You Gained Weight?

Isn't it funny that people ask, "Have you lost weight?" but they never ask, "Have you gained weight?" I wonder what kind of reaction that would bring. Turn the tables and say, "What have you been doing? You look like you've gained weight. Tell me the secret!"

"Is your butt getting bigger? Is that a new chin?" Or the real live question that I have personally been asked about ten years ago, "Are you pregnant?" They don't ask me that now because........maybe I look too old? Or my butt's caught up with my gut and I look more balanced?

There is just so much pressure to be thin! Especially if you used to be thin and you're not anymore. Sometimes I pray before I leave my house, "Please don't let me run into any old boyfriends today." I can just hear them saying, "Wow, she blimped out." Well, hello! It's hard not to get bigger than a size three!!!! That's the bad thing, there's no place to go but out!

What really sucks is when you have a husband that looks like a warped toothpick. I have a saying, "Thou shalt not weigh more than thy husband." What if he had to carry you out in a fire or something?

I guess on a positive note, the fat stretches out the wrinkles a bit, so you look a little younger. What's the use of being skinny if you look like a prune? And if the wind blows, you don't need to carry any rocks in your pockets.


Nicole said...

Why yes I have, thanks for noticing.

I agree that there is too much emphasis on being skinny. But I honestly think most of the pressure comes from ourselves. When I see somebody else who is likely the exact same size as me I NEVER thing "man she's gross and obese." Nor would I ever dream of telling somebody "you really need to lose weight" But those are the exact things I say to myself when I look in the mirror.

I am trying to lose some weight for the sake of being healthy, but I'm also trying to be happy with myself, and comfortable with who I am.

It's not easy. But I'm trying. :)

Karen said...

Man, Nicole stoll my line!! I was going to say something like, "Why yes, I did gain 50 lbs! I did it the best way. No exercise and getting chocolate faced once a day."

Wrinkles are another strory all together. Something I don't want to thank about right now. Thank you.

JaMean said...

Holy crap! Is that why I look so dang good? Thank you, subcutaneous fat for saving me hundreds off botox or collagen!

Guess my tummy and bum will never wrinkle? :(

Anonymous said...

You are so rude:) What if you can't help being skinny and wrinkly!! Don't be too hard on the skinny can't fatten a thoroughbred.

Krista said...

Fi - yes, from the woman who has four kids and still looks like a supermodel. I know it must be hard to stay so slim and look good in anything you wear. I'm not being hard on the skinnys, I just miss being one!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You want me to shrink my wieners?

Hallie :)

Krista said...

Hallie, yes! If your weiner dog thinks it's a cat, for goodness sakes, take it to a shrink! A good weiner shrink! As for me - I need a shrink mentally and physically.

Nancy said...

Oh that was so funny!! I really hate to ever be mean, but I think I will start asking that in a nonchalant sort of way. OK, I couldn't, but funny post.

By the way, I never dare to ask someone if they are pregnant until they are like 9 months along . . . of course even that is ricky because not once, but TWICE I have asked someone when their baby is due only to hear that they had it a few weeks ago. Ohhh shudder at my poor self for those.

Nancy said...

Oh yah, and I forgot to mention how I loved in your "about you" that you were born in Virginia and are therefore a Virgin. Oh sigh, why does everything seem so dang hilarious to me tonight. No more blogging, Nancy!!