Friday, June 27, 2008

Wiggle Room

I mentioned Mimi's new hamster, Wiggles (aka Mark II). I never thought I would ever bond with a rodent but I have. Wiggles inherited Chocolate Chip's (Mark I) pink cage. It was professionally cleaned, of course. We noticed she was getting quite chubby for a hamster and never ran in her hamster wheel. I wondered if she even knew what it was for. (Don't hamsters have instincts for these kind of things?)

I put Wiggles in her wheel one day and slowly turned it. She started at a slow crawl and finally got the hang of it. She didn't want us to know that she didn't know what it was for so she waited until the middle of the night to actually run on it.

I thought, "Who in this world is better qualified to teach another living being how to run in one place and never get anywhere than me?" I'm thinking of becoming a personal trainer for hamsters now. Finally an anwer to my midlife crisis! Too bad they don't make hamster wheels for humans. Wiggles has slimmed down, but stills hoards her food. I quit hoarding my food.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I had hamsters growing up and then my kiddos had them too.

Always loved how they shoved 86 pieces of food into their cute little cheeks.

How come I don't look as cute when I shove an ass load of Oreos in my cheeks?


Karen said...

I think they call that a tredmill.? Wiggles is very sweet. I love your blog. It is a source of much entertainment.

Gil said...

C E R T I F I A B I L I T Y ... it's hereditary.

Your Beloved Daddy