Friday, June 27, 2008

Something's Bugging Me!

I was sitting on my couch watching TV and noticed this little tiny bug flying around. I swatted at it and it disappeared for awhile. A few minutes later it flew right into my left nostril! I blew my nose several times and never saw it in the tissue. So I went into the bathroom and squirt half a bottle of Simply Saline in my nose. It's little body never floated to the surface! I'M FREAKING OUT HERE!!! Friends who know me know that I have a serious phobia of bugs. I know my friend "and Karen" is really feeling for me.

How can bugs fly around so dizzily and be so accurate when it comes to flying in orafices? Well, now I'm freaked out because there could be a bug in my nose eating my brains. And yes, it would be in there for a very long time! Or worse, what if it is rotting in my sinus cavity as we speak? I can feel it in there! What if it lays eggs and emits a strange odor?

I awoke in the middle of the night a couple of years ago to a buzzing in my ear. I woke my husband and he got a flashlight to look in my ear. I told him not to tell me what it is so I don't freak out and this tiny little bug crawled toward the light. My husband shouts, "OH MY GOSH - THERE IT IS!" and wipes it out of my ear. Of course, I'm petrified yelling, "GET IT OUT!! GET IT OUT!! The Lord knows this is more than I can handle, so why would this happen to me of all people?

So how am I supposed to sleep knowing there is a bug tunneling in my head? "Go to the light, little bug!"


Karen said...

I don't know how bugs always seem to find a way in. I have inhaled more mosqitos in my life time than I dare to really admit to myself. Yuck!!! I hope none of them had eaten right before. Oh gross. I have to quit thinking about it. Yuck.

Karen said...

Oh, I meant to say, I like horses.

Anonymous said...

did you know that statistics say the average person will eat like 1000 bugs a year while they sleep. This is anything from flies, spiders or roaches....can you imagine that crawling in your mouth while you sleep....makes we wonder about those mornings I wake up "not hungry". I wonder if it is because I ate a belly full the night before??? hhhhmmmmmm