Thursday, June 26, 2008

From Out House to Yours!

I was talking to my mother-in-law about our upcoming trip to Australia in August. I asked her if it was true that the five of us and the six of Adam's family were really staying with the two of them. That's 13 people! The only problem is they only have two bathrooms and my husband's "male" side of the family are very long toilet sitters. This is really a legitimate concern! Sometimes they sit there for so long I know they must have an impression of the toilet seat permanently embedded in their bottoms. You could call it the "Ring of Uranus." I refer to the master toilet room as my husband's office. You can find such reading as "Popular Mechanics", "Popular Science", "Machine Design" and you know he's spending a lot of time in there when he resorts to bringing my "Better Homes and Gardens" in there. There should be a law against that! I feel that my magazine has been tainted now.

I keep my scales handy in that same little toilet room so I can lock the door and protect my top secret information (and dignity). It's mainly in the same room as the toilet so after I weigh myself I can turn around and throw up.

This brings me to one of the funniest toilet stories ever. When we lived in our first little house in Oz we had only one bathroom there. My husband was occupying it for a considerable amount of time when Seth, age 2 1/2 at the time walked toward the bathroom. Whenever Seth had to go to the bathroom he would get this funny walk like he had no knees. I asked"What are you doing, Seth?" He replied frustratingly, "I NEED to go to the bathroom!!!" I said, "Well, go tell your dad." He said, "I did! But he won't scoot over!" That is a scene I wish I had on video camera!

We should be grateful that we live in this free country of ours. Some countries charge you to use their facilities. In Mexico we had to buy toilet paper from a lady who monitored the bathroom. A public restroom in England charged 2p (pence) to pee! I'm sure with all inflation people are holding themselves a lot longer so they can get their 2p worth! They may resort to portable catheters just to go grocery shopping! The bad thing is the clerks always ask to check your bags as you exit the stores there. What a shock to see a full urine bag!

Well, good-night my fellow geniuses and Karen! I'm off to the loo once more!

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The Royal Monson Clan said...

Men are something else, aren't they!!! I thought you told me jared takes your Victoria's secret catalog into the john with him----has he figured out her secret yet? YOU ARE A NUT!