Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Buffet for Anorexics

When I was in high school, anorexia seemed to be the new awareness (besides herpes, Quaaludes and AIDS). In fact, people used to ask me if I had anorexia and I wish, oh how I wish someone would just ask me that for old time's sake. I do have an eating disorder but I think it might have to do with the love of cheesecake and all things chocolate.
I remember learning that anorexics (is that a politically correct term?) eating challenged people are excellent cooks and enjoy cooking for other people. I have a cookbook full of recipes from a church that a known eating challenged person contributed many recipes such as "World's Best Brownies" and many other succulent choices. I can guarantee she offered thee best recipes.

I liken this story to an experience I had a couple of months ago when I went to a blogger's conference. It was exciting to meet many other bloggers, some I only knew by commenting on each other's blogs. It was nice to meet some real live people and see if they were as funny in person (and some were even funnier) as they were in their blogs. The funny thing is, this was like a buffet for anorexics. There were a lot of great people with a lot of good things to offer, but no one wanted to really eat. They wanted everyone to eat what they brought. I visited a few sites of cards I picked up and left comments and do you think they even visited me back? Nope. They have Blogger's Anorexia offering you their Sugar Cookies or maybe the dreaded Casserole.

Do you like my first attempt at my new found skills at Photoshop? I only merged two pictures and covered up Lindsay Lohan's breast, though you would have mistaken it for a displaced elbow, but anyway. She has seen better days.

So my last post I kinda critiqued some blogs that were featured on a comment support group called SITS. Some of you thought I might be talking about you, so I thought I would clear some things up. If I read your blog - I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT YOU! I don't read out of obligation because I'm sorry to say I'm too darned busy for that. If I had my choice I would be independently wealthy and I would read blogs all day long and they would inspire me to write my own blogs and I would have a fulfilled life of laughter and warm fuzzies all day long. But I have to work and because I have to work I need to improve my skills which leads me to going to school part time which leads me to this insanity which I have cut down to blogging once a week about.

If you are a daily blogger, I apologize that I don't visit everyday, but if you have something extra terrifically wonderful that you would like me to read because you know I would thoroughly enjoy it, make sure you send me the link, so I don't miss it.

I haven't been very good at being organized, so I try to visit my commenters' blogs as soon as I get a minute. If anyone has any good tips on keeping organized - let me know. But I'm not about to indulge at a buffet if someone isn't going to enjoy it with me!


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

You absolutely crack me up! Seriously!
You are one that I was so happy that I was albe to meet at CBC. You introduced me to a new buffet of fun.

TisforTonya said...

Is it bad that I STILL haven't gone visiting all of the blogs that I have cards for?

Does it make you feel better that I made sure to get my butt over here?

and, I've been meaning to ask you... are you anorexic? just wondering...

Jamie said...

Well said! :) I do what I can, but my life is anything but boring OR calm. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Kristina P. said...

I went and commented on every single person's blog that I had a business card for, from CBC.

I think it was probably 35 new blogs, yours being one of them.

And I would say only 4-5 ever came and visited me. I don't know if that's because they weren't interested in my blog, or people just don't care. Hmmmmm.

Saimi said...

I couldn't have said it better myelf. I am a complete, obsessive comment freak and if I follow someones blog, I can quarantee you, you will get a comment from me.

But the love only goes so far, If I notice I'm dining on a blog, gorging away and the person I thought I was indulging with is not eating with me....I'll walk out of the resturant, or their blog to put it more plainly.

A person can only eat...(read,comment) alone for so long, especially when there is so much more out there to enjoy!

Love the post!

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

You never fail to crack me up. Never!

Leenie said...

Yeah, read my blog and leave lots of wonderful comments, but you'll never see my name in your comment box. (Wow! Did I say that out loud?) Hehe.

I understand your being snowed under with life. I congratulate you with your organizational skills! Controling your blogging habit to once a week takes a ton of will power. Good for you.

And your Miss Lohan pic is a super example of what happens when you get so enamored with yourself that you forget to eat. I'll be she has a GREAT brownie recipe.

Nancy said...

Well, what a great little metaphor. I don't expect comments from my readers on every post. Some of my family are really uncomfortable commenting or just not as into keeping up on every post, and I think that's fine -- I know we are all into this on different levels, and I certainly don't want to feel like I have to always comment, BUT, I think you are exactly right that it seems a bit snobbish of those who gather and horde their troop of commentors with nary a single glance or word of aknowledgement back in their direction.

Lisa said...

I was wondering myself if you're anorexic. I didn't want to say anything in case you're in therapy or whatever. I do remember how aware we became of it in high school.
But about the other blogs~feeling kind of good that I didn't make any cards up, so as to not be ticked off when they didn't gorge at my buffet. YOU always fill me up. (burp)

Kari said...

From one anorexic to about a brownie?!! I really was anorexic in High School, but luckily I had parents who noticed and helped me through it before it overcame me! And I do have a very delicious cheescake recipe, just in case anyone is wondering....

Now about that organizational issue......if you happen on a solution, let me know....

Melissa said...

How are you so adorable and genius at the same time? That's what I want to know. I'm with you on the whole 'follow me' thing. Drives me nuts. I hate it when people leave a comment like, "Great blog! You can follow me at"

Seriously. I read who I like, who I think is funny or smart or just some kind of crazy I can't keep away from, and I hope anyone who reads me does the same...if you like me, read me, if you don't, find someone else out there in the blogosphere.

you are the best, by the way. xoxo

Krista said...

I love my fellow BBBFFs (Best Bloggin Buffet Foodie Friends)! And T, Lisa and Kari, thanks for asking about my anorexia. You have a special place in my barely beating heart. Garden of Egan and T - we actually met at a buffet! How ironic! Sweet Tomatoes is the best! They could use some cheesecake, though.

Just a bed of roses said...

Krista, always talking about food...just like an anorexic would do.
Love the picture, my heck it got me excited for Halloween for a second.

Hey, we all partake of different foods, sometimes we are on blogging diets and sometimes we binge PLUS we have our preferences of blogging friends with many different hair colors.

Isn't blogland huge...I mean, it's REALLY BIG out there.

By the are cute, funny or awesome...did that make your day! (just noticed that above!)

Holly said...

Hmmmm... yeah... I was anorexic in high school... but I've MORE than made up for it since!! ;p Getting pregnant really triggered something and I could never go back!! LOL!

I was so happy that I met you at the conference. I didn't do any cards, myself. In fact, I hardly talked to anyone until Saturday. LOL!

I have found some wonderful blogs through some of these silly hops. But I think this is also my newest mania... I'm NOT exactly normal... I will check out and comment on every one that comments... and I follow them... but most of them come up in my reader, which I do a quicker view over unless they CATCH my attention with something good. Many do! The ones I love the most will move to my blogroll and I follow them more closely. Like YOU!! ;D And I promise no offence to not coming DAILY... it is a bit much... ;D and random, and drama at times. *sigh* Just know that I will always come see what you have going on because you always lift my spirits and I thank you for that!


JaMean said...

Krista, how I miss your sense if humor! I live 3 blocks away and have never visited you! :( We should walk together. I need an exercise partner to keep me motivated. (er, get me started?)

Jenny P. said...

This very post prompted me to go and find my stack of cards that was STILL lurking in the outside pocket of my diaper bag, that should be used for my cell phone, but hasn't held a cell phone since the CBC. Because it's been holding business cards.

Oh, the shame! It makes me kinda sad I waited so long... lots of people that I met at CBC I've managed to catch up with, but not all... including you. (that, in and of itself is enough to be disappointed, yes?)Truth is, I barely keep up with the blogs in my reader as it is... I'm always up for finding new blogs, and I've found some that I love through other people's comments, and through SITS, but dude. Don't hold me to commenting, or reading every post, cause sometimes, the best I can do is "mark all as read".

The entire business card thing still kinda makes me laugh. I mean, it was tremendously useful, because it DID help us keep up with people that we met. But weren't we all going home thinking, "I wonder how many new followers I'll get because of my business cards..." Maybe we won't all admit it, but I bet it crossed everyone's mind.

To conclude my uh, comment novel, I think your blog is hilarious. I'm glad you finally made it over to mine, since it sent me back here to you.