Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Seth!

You never forget the day your children are born. Seth was born at 8.6 lbs. I couldn't find any newborn photos of Seth because a lot of our stuff is still packed away. Especially books, since we don't have an allocated library. This is Seth in Australia when he was about nine months old.

This week, he turned 18 years old. That means I had him when I was 11. They say the years go by fast......some went slower than others.

He was about two years old in this picture. This was in our front yard in Oz. We had a mulberry tree just a few feet away from this spot and he used to go out there in bare feet and come in with purple feet, hands and face.

This is his very first day of school at Acacia Ridge Primary School. They had uniforms. One difference between our schools in the US and Oz is they had no cafeteria. They brought a home lunch or bought something from the "tuck shop" and ate on the covered porches on the floor.

They also learned to swim at school. Being about an hour away from the beach, swimming is a popular sport. Once a week they would bring their "togs" and towels.

This is my favorite picture of me with my favorite son. I tell him he's my favorite son a lot. He also tells me I'm his favorite mom.

He has a great sense of humor. One day I was annoyed with him for something and I said the usual line, "Seth! How many times do I have to tell you....?" He answered, "Oh, probably two or three more times."

Once he threw an embarassing fit in front of some ladies at my house because I wanted him to clean his room before he went out. Then he packed his bag and "ran away." I was so furious from the scene that afterwards I put a sign out in our front yard that said, "Boys Room For Rent - must do chores." A few hours later the sign mysteriously disappeared and he came to me and apologized.

This is Seth's senior picture from high school. He never shows his teeth when he smiles in photos. I don't know why, he has very nice teeth and a very nice smile.

Mimi asked Seth if he was excited to be 18 now. Then she quickly added, "You can order stuff now!" Someone watches way too many ads.

This is Seth today. He is still recuperating from shaving his head - yes, down to the skin. I was not very happy about that. Mimi asked him if his head was always cold. Cord (AKA my other from another mother) is in the red.

Happy Birthday, Seth! Thanks for filling my life with laughter and for the free trip to the looney bin. Just kidding....kinda. Your my favorite son ever!


DJ said...

They sat humor lighten things up. I'm glad you guys still have it!! Happy Birthday Seth. See you tonight.

Karen said...

Happy birthday Seth!!!

Kari said...

Yes, the good old days when our children were cute and cuddly! Happy Birthday Seth.