Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Mourning

I'm kinda sad today. The kids had a day off of school and my daughter, Ali, went on an official date for lunch. Why does that make me sad? It's just another reminder that she is growing up. This is my sweet little buddy who used to help me make my bed before she started kindergarten. She would run up the stairs and I would chase her pinching her bum saying "birdies gonna get your bum" or I would smack her little bottom. Then one day I was in front and I felt this tiny little hand smack my bum.

This is my little one who I nicknamed "Oodle Ali" taken from Disney's Robin Hood when the fox always said, "Ooh Dah Lolly!" We shortened it to "Oodle" and sometimes she will still answer to it. I also called her "Goofy Lou" and "Giggle Nugget" when she was being silly.

Now she's driving and going on dates. How did this happen? If all my kids were like her I could have had six. Genetics say otherwise.


Karen said...

What is it with those darn kids growing up? Really, I don't remember giving permission.

Dating? UGH....Now she is making me feel old. Tell her to stop.

Karen said...

No more blinking.

Nancy said...

That makes me sad because right now I have a little one who loves ot help me make my bed and will soon be off to kindergarten and I don't like or even really believe that she will grow up!!

Jodi said...

As you know I can so relate! I told my husband that whole empty nest thing is NOT for me! I should have had five more...maybe by the time they were all grown up I would be ready for it, but I doubt it!