Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too Peed to Blog

There is nothing nice to say. Amazing how husbands that you can love so much on Valentine's Day can really make you feel like slipping them a bit of cyanide a couple of days later. No - that wouldn't work. They can always tell by the smell of bitter almonds.

I guess I'm feeling a little unappreciated this week. Today is Ali's 17th birthday and I guess my husband felt it necessary to start a fight.

At work we had an inservice about choking. Our Workforce Development Officer asked if anyone has choked or been with someone who was choking and if you knew what to do. I wanted to say I've wanted to choke my husband before, but didn't.

I will blog about my Birthday girl another day - when I'm not peed.


Lisa said...

Yeah, been there, done that. Usually I hiss a mean snark, intending to wound his heart. No marks left behind, just horrible scarring to his soul. Kind of effective. I might just suggest it to you, but I wouldn't want to be blamed for a divorce later on.

Diane said...

Just think how fun it will be to make up! If we never fought we would never no peace. LoL!!!

Nancy said...

Sorry! :(

You do have one lovelyl 17 year old daughter though! Happy b-day to her!

Here's to hoping all is mended by tonight!

Karen said...

My offer still stands...... No permanent damage done. :)

I hope today is better.


Leenie said...

Heh, heh--been there. How do we love those guys when they can be such snotballs sometimes.

Sharon said...

Like my daughter Karrie always says....Men are just stupid!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I still think we are having green envy from Lisa's new diamond. However she proded and proded. But did I!

Could he at least of said "lets get the carpet ordered, lets get the counter tops changed now...Nope, that is not valentines/men is it!

What my husband gave to me I threw in the garbage the next day, oh I am naughty too.
You would think they would know by now what we want and what we dont.

Gil said...