Thursday, May 20, 2010

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

I had some questions asked of me from "Anonymous." Since anonymous could be a number of people, I'm not sure who I am answering. Male, Female? Mean, Nice? I think if I was going to ask myself questions I would have asked something like, "What is your secret to good humor?" or something along those lines.

I was asked what Jared (my hubby) did for me for Mother's Day and why didn't I post anything about that. Well, my darling husband got me some flowers and a box of chocolates. Not just any box of chocolates.....Lindt Lindor. And once again I accused him of trying to make me fat(ter) and he always says, "I don't care if you get fat. I love you." I know. Isn't he a jewel? He really is good to me. He then slept for most of the afternoon and cooked frozen fish for dinner (which I didn't think was very blog worthy, in fact I was a little annoyed he slept all afternoon) and then we went to see my mom who lives about six miles away. We came home and he called his mum in Australia on Skype. I elaborated my children's activities because they didn't do anything for my birthday and I made a big deal about it in one of my posts, so I thought I would update whether Santa was coming this year. I feel I do so much for them, so the least they could do is make me feel special!

I probably didn't blog about that because I try to keep my blog posts somewhat short. I know people are really busy - including me. I work full-time as a secretary for our school district for wonderful people who have moved out of the high school special ed. programs and want to work.

I then go to school three nights a week studying graphic design. You know how some kids know what they want to be when they grow up and they work towards that goal and know exactly what they were put on earth for? That wasn't me. I never knew what I wanted to be except a wife and a mother. My natural talent would be in visual art, but my insecurities have never made me a competitive person and I took my talent for granted "because there are a lot of other people out there who are better than me." I know, that sounds really dumb. Just understand to be artistic you have to have a little bit of a dark or weird side. We all think differently and that's what makes the world a great place. I went into graphic design because of my love for creative things but unfortunately my creative juices are nothing but a fine dust at the moment. Which brings me to the third question.

I have another blog called "Spiritually Speaking." I share my conversion story and other things spiritual but it has been sorely neglected. A friend asked me why I separate the two and my answer is: I don't want to target my readers to just LDS people. I have a lot of friends who don't share my faith and I don't want them to feel as if they can't read my blog because they can't relate. I'm not the kind that can just sit down and start writing and it turns out wonderful. I think very deeply about what I share on that blog and I know I'm in the middle of telling about my friend's conversion. I then have my mission to London to share and lots of wonderful experiences since then. Why don't I just do it? Well, I'm taking Photoshop in school right now and a lot of my pictures need a little "lighting" and touch ups. They have faded with time, just like my other blog.

And the fourth and final question - yes, Anonymous, you are appreciated. I know some bloggers write comments to their commentor comments. I rarely go back to a blog to check to see if the blogger has commented to my comment and I assumed other people were like that too. Though some comment on comments on a regular basis. I sometimes go to my commentor's blogs and answer their comment there. I'm usually a very good commentor. If you don't have a blog, sign it "Anonymous in the blue hat" or something and I will know you from the other anonymous people.

Nothing funny today, friends. I'll work on it though.


Flea said...

Fascinating. I wish now that I knew who anonymous was! I was thinking it was your husband, based on those questions. :)

Saimi said...

Krista, blogs don't always have to be funny and I enjoy reading yours regardless.

You are very busy and I don't know how you do it all. I'm lucky if I can get through three days of preschool, I truly have nothing to complain about!

I'll have to check out your other blog.

Leenie said...

Keep plugging away at that graphic design. The possiblities are boggeling but the end result will never be boring. And if you ever start feeling like you might be getting a handle on it--guaranteed they'll upgrade the software, add a dozen new tools (love the healing brush in .psd) and move around the menus. Just like life.

Fun to know a little more about you.

Krista said...

Actually, I thought it was him until the last two questions. When I read him the questions he said, "Mother's Day is between you and the kids. Why would anyone care about what I did?" He is a great person but doesn't give me a lot to blog about. There was that time I made him say, "I'm a smart feller cause I feel smart" in a tongue twister and he couldn't say it one time and we laughed and laughed.

Fiona said...

..... you are so talented!!! Wanna go to Africa next year with our Husbands to shoot wild animals??

Krista said...

Jared was hoping to go to Oz with all of us. No way we could do both. I'm nervous about coming cuz it's so bloomin' expensive!

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

I'va always wanted to learn Photoshop. So you have a secret admirer anonymous blogstalker, sorta cool, sorta creepy. Let anonymous know that they better keep it on te up and up. If they mess with you they mess with the whole bloggin' trailer park...

Cindy Geilmann said...

I forget to go back and respond too. However, I do go to the person with the questions blog and respond to them in my comment.

You sound like someone I would love to get to know. One of the best kind of people. My choice of education and cereer was marriage and motherhood also. I have no regrets - now I am a great - grandmother, who, I like to think, is very talented and experienced in many-things.

Big Hugs

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Ha! Love Kayan...she's hot and she's right about messing with the whole trailer park!
Every stage of life...Line upon Line...that's how I look at it. That is how he teaches his children...and mothers...and fathers.
We all get there in different ways THANK GOODNESS for that.

And who says you have to tell all.

I dont tell EVERYTIME my husband makes potatoe salad even though I SHOULD and people may want to know! I don't even say how I roll my eyes at him all the time...whatever. Nor do I say that my husband thinks because I have a whole shop of presents that he doesnt think I need another dang thing...because people would think he's a jerk. He gets plenty of eye rolls from me.
We don't have to get naked here do we?

Nancy said...

Well, I for one am glad anonymous sparked this post. You inspired me when you talked about your talents. There are a couple of things that I enjoy doing and I think I am decent at, but haven't pursued because I am so so far from what many that are great at those talents can do, but after reading this, I felt more like, "So what, why can't I just work on my talent in my own little realm. I don't have to be the best at it to do it." Thanks!

Kari said...

I found it interesting that "anonymous" thinks it's any of his or her business regarding those questions! If they are that bored or have nothing better to do than look at "many, many blogs", then that's sad and they are missing out of alot of life.

Plus, I saw no response from "anonymous" to this blog regarding the answers to such important questions!


Krista said...

Actually, Kari, I thought the same thing. I'm not too worried about it. You're true friends stick by your side and I appreciate the support I have from all my friends at the whole bloggin' trailer park!